What’s new in IBM Traveler

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IBM has released IBM Traveler and has some new enhancement and of course many fixes. Here is what is new

Ghosted calendar events on iOS and Android devices

Events that have not yet been accepted now display as "Ghosted" on the calendar view on iOS and Android devices. You can select these entries from the calendar to work with them.

Exporting IBM Verse contacts to the device Contacts app on iOS devices

You can now export your Verse contacts to the Contacts app on your iOS device, and interact them natively like all your regular contacts. This option is disabled by default, and must be enabled by your system administrator.

Support for personal groups for IBM Verse on Android and iOS devices

When composing a new mail or creating a new event you can now add Personal Groups as recipients/invitees. When the mail/event is sent, Personal Groups are expanded so that the mail/event will be sent to each group member.

Performing enterprise database maintenance

You can now perform database maintenance using the IBM Traveler server. This can be done using the new tell command DBMaint. This includes functionality to schedule automatic database maintenance on a configurable interval.

Windows Mobile Phone 10 devices

Support has been added for Windows Mobile Phone 10 devices.

More information can be found here.