Tea Beyond 24oz Non Drop Infuser Teapot review

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We take a look at Tea Beyond Teapot with Infuser in the 24oz size. Tea Beyond makes blooming flower and loose teas that sit nicely inside the all glass tea pot infuser. The flowers come in a variety package as well as the loose teas.  You are able to use the flowers more than once in the Tea Beyond Infuser which is a great selling point, just leave some water in the tea pot and refill.  We enjoyed watching the blooming or even using the loose teas through the clear glass design.
Tea Beyond Teap Pot with Infuser
The only downside of the Tea Beyond pot we had with the actual tea pot was the lid seemed very loose when pouring. We demo this in the video.  Being all glass it did scared us that is would  fall off.  The tea pot itself was very high quality and the handle sturdy and gripped well.

We will definitely be using this all the time.  In the video we actually unpackage the tea pot, teas and show a live bloom of one of the samples they sent along for review.  You can get your hands on it and all their products at or here on Amazon.

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