Review: TP-Link Wireless N Pocket Router & Access Point

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The TP-Link TL-WR700N 150Mbps Wireless N Pocket Router (and bridge and access point) was sent over for review and I love this device.

I show more of the product in the video, but the TP-Link TL-WR700N is the perfect travel companion for anyone. The the power plug built into the unit and one single ethernet port on the side, there is no confusion on how it works. A status indicator on the side tells you that it is operational and connected. Plus the included ethernet cord allows you to get started right away.

The default setting of the access point allows you to quickly share out a single Internet connection to multiple wireless devices. However, some hotels will look at Mac Addresses (how your device identifies itself) and will still try to charge you for each device in the default mode.

You can easily change this device to be a Router which then allows you to create it's own wifi network appearing as one device to the hotel networks. You can the connect as many devices as you need and share the single paid Internet (or just your own network) connection.

I did find that this device also acts as a repeater, allowing you to boost a very weak signal in hotels and other places to give you a stronger connection.

It comes with a standard setup guide, a Mac setup guide and a tiny resource cd. The same documentation was easily found on the TP-Link website and I had no issues reaching support for more information as I built the review.

See the video to get a feel for the sizing, packaging and my other observations.  Then head over to Amazon to grab it really darn cheap.

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