Public widgets for the Notes clients - take one leave one

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I read an interesting topic in a forum about the growth of a public widget catalog.  Gabriella and I put that together some time ago (on the same server you get the annual Lotusphere database from Link),  The idea was to have the general public create and take away useful widgets for the Lotus Notes client.  It did well for a while as we showed it at conferences and blogged about it some. Then it lapsed in new activity.  Activity=access and updates

  • Are there no enterprises or developers creating cool widgets that can be shared?
  • Is anyone using them at all outside of demo and fun (and outside of IBM) ?
  • Can we build a public catalog that allows us drag and drop into our clients?
  • Is security a huge concern?
  • Are most of you even allowed to drag and drop widgets into your sidebar?
  • Have you even enabled this feature yet?

Carl has even made it easier by pointing the domain NotesWidgets to the same database at Turtle, which makes it easy to hit this database via Notes publicly or the web.  Could we begin a movement where everyone adds maybe one widget to the catalog and hopefully finds one worth taking for use?

Does IBM see value in adding this to the OpenNTF movement as a whole.  I know certain widgets make it along in the site there, but there has to be huge amounts of widgets being developed or available that no one ever sees.

## Notes Connectivity ###
In order to make a Notes connection to the server, create a connection document to tranquility/turtlepublic and use as the destination address