Notes2Apps - a true migration to Google?

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I saw some press releases for Notes2Apps from G-workplace, a firm that provides migrations from Lotus Notes to Google.  The Notes2Apps tool is supposed to move data from you applications into Google Docs.  Reading what is performed I would not consider much of this a migration, but more toward archiving.

  • Default templates are already mapped but custom templates are all options.
  • Any Notes view with rows becomes a spreadsheet in Google Docs
  • Notes documents become PDF files
  • Workflow has some limited features in AppScript
  • Content centric docs become HTML files
  • You can move to a Google site (html) or a Shared folder (based on reader/author)
  • Category fields become meta data
  • Doclinks are not converted

However, Notes documents are a viewer for free form fields and data. Not a single page to be archived.  A view is living data, not a screenshot to be placed into a spreadsheet.  How do you work with the data in PDF or spreadsheet when the fields no longer relate?

With the removal of doclinks, even the HTML pages they create become standalone with no connectivity between them to show workflow or relationship.

They also offer Notes Sync Google but that just moves attachments on a Notes document into Google Docs.

Has anyone tried this yet? Success?  Let us know in the comments