Notes failed because people steal your ideas. This article says so

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TechNewsWorld published one of the more bizarre articles I have read in a while which included the author's opinion why Lotus Notes has been a failure since it was invented

The last time we had a major "social networking" type of effort it was with collaboration, and the poster child for the effort was Lotus Notes. It largely failed -- not because the idea wasn't a good one, but because the company fundamentally didn't understand that the market was being made hostile to the concept.

People were hostile to software that collaborated.  That's why we mainly live in larger groups as people. We hate working with another and talking to each other.
This continues to get better as it goes along..

In short, while collaboration technology might have worked prior to the 1980s, changes in how employees were measured and compensated increasingly ensured that it couldn't work in the years following the creation of Notes. Not understanding the human and organizational aspects of collaboration doomed Notes to failure as anything but a complex email platform.

Yes, how we are paid changes digitzing and sharing content.  But this is my favorite part:
What they didn't notice was that over the decade or so prior to the creation of Notes, people had been discouraged from collaborating in the U.S. by policies that came from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which was a misguided attempt to fix discrimination.

I forgot, Lotus Notes was apparently part of the EEOC and company discrimination. Yeah we discriminate against stupid articles.

While I am not disputing that the author, Rob Enderle of Enderle Group, is one of the most quoted technology analysts, this is one article I just cound't get a grasp on.