Mobile Strategy interview with Kevin Cavanaugh #ls11

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As part of the blogger program, we get access to some Lotus executives in small group interview sessions.  Kevin Cavanaugh, VP of Business and Technical Strategy, was kind enough to sit down for mobile strategy.  I captured everything as it happened for you to read here first.

"By the end of 2011 consistent support across iPad/iPod/Nokia/Blackberry/Android.  A lot of platforms are hard to get to if we are not native. We see mail, calendar, contacts, IM, meetings in web, and activity streams as native apps.  We will move to partial delete/business wipe support, but not iPhone yet"

What about contact integration with local contacts from things like profiles?

"Everything that is social has a mobile component, but everything that is mobile may not be mobile

Windows mobile was not listed?
"we do have Windows Mobile support.  I have yet to see a Windows Mobile device in the wild.  It is on our radar but has not passed the test of making it as a device."

Context and location based awareness built into location based solutions
"Native apps on the platforms (sic) allows location based solutions.  Ron in his beach and Stonehenge scenes demo shows thoughts on location information. Activity Streams could be location sensitive."

What about XPages on the mobile devices?
"We are delighted with the XPages stuff"

When will we see the new native Sametime clients?
"Sometime midyear on"

On the back end where there be adddional support needed?  or will the apps be built to connect right in?
"They will connect right in.  With Lotus Mobile Connect we mentioned in the OGS we are thinking how to package that with Traveler.  Some people have their own VPN in place, others don't.  Some use the MDS BES service."

Do you see Traveler for the consumer with personal devices using BIS for Blackberry devices?
"We are focused on their native experiences and controls.  We are launching LotusLive Notes BES support.  Traveler is the fatest growing gateway.  We are happy to give our customers choices."

Will there be a cost to use the new native Sametime clients?  For business that have plans like Standard?
"We don't quite know.  We worry about licenses rather than acquisition"

We didn't see a whole lot of Apple
"We had lots of iPad pictures in screenshots.  we showed lots working on the iPad.  We are fairly complete on where we are with the iPad.  That sounds more like presentation than substance."