Lotusphere Podcasts - Alex Homsi, CEO and Founder of Trilog Group on winning another Lotus Award (and XPages)

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I had the pleasure of sitting with Alex Homsi, CEO and founder of Trilog Group, winner of yet another Lotus Award.  Being a multi-year winner of Lotus Awards and IBM Beacon Awards, I was happy he took a few minutes to discuss not only where they are headed in social business, but how they achieve so much.

Learn about some amazing things in this video:

  • How they basically invented what is now XPages back as XSP
  • ProjExec5 launch
  • Project Wall
  • Their integration with Connections, Quickr, OpenSocial and the new Collaboration Toolkit
  • His feelings on using the public social streams and activity
  • Alex's excellent outlook and theory on project management futures, product development and more

You can follow all of their Twitter and Facebook activities through the following:

Lotusphere Podcasts - Interview with Alex Homsi, CEO of Trilog Group from Lotusphere Podcasts.