Lotus Traveler Device Support Updates

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Lotus has updated some documentation for different OS levels and required server versioning for Lotus Traveler:

Android 4.0 and Apple iOS 5 Support:
For 8.5.3.x: Please apply Traveler PLUS the Android client build Build 20111207_1606​ found on the Recommended Maintenance page.

For 8.5.2.x: Please apply Traveler HF1 found on the Recommended Maintenance page.

Devices under evaluation for possible future support:
As mentioned in this IBM press release, IBM intends to support Microsoft Windows Phone in a future release of IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.  IBM intends to support several devices such as the Nokia Lumia line and some from HTC.

For our support statement regarding Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble Nook Android device support, please reference this technote.