Lotus Notes plug-in provisioning in Windows 7 just isn’t working

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I have been patient with trying this across multiple plug-in providers.  Not a single one is installing following these steps:

  • Have Notes 8..5.x on your desktop
  • Open widget panel
  • Drop in a widget and it works without issue
  • Drop in a widget that then calls a plug-in to be provisioned from a remote or local site
  • The plug-in will get to the prompt to show the vendor and version, I say go for it
  • The provisioning begins and the following non-descript, nothing online except Eclipse coding, PIA error

CWPPR0032E: The Requested provisioning operation(s) failed

Yes, I have tried multiple ways, even locally.  Multiple plug-ins and see the same errors across many of them.  Try the same exact plug-in from the same exact source and location on Windows XP/Vista there is no problem.

 Now I am not sitting here blaming Notes or Windows since I don't know which one is doing it.  But the one that is will be reprimanded accordingly