Lotus Blogger and Technical Search Widget

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While here at UKLUG, I showed the Lotus Blogger and Technical Search widget that I built a while ago during my Securely Deploying Plugins & Widget session.  Many asked where to find the download.

I placed it in IBM (Lotus) Greenhouse catalog for everyone to have access and place a license file on it.

Please leave a rating once you understand the power of what it can do and make sure to read the comments about installation if you get an error that happens in non 8.5.2 client versions due to an SPR that occurred.  There is a simple fix in the comments and wiki article.


The widget allow you to right-click on any text in any Notes document and search across ONLY Lotus related blogs, technical sites and support.  You can also open the widget directly from the sidebar and input direct search text. It eliminates other results for you to give tuned results.

If you have sites to be added make sure to let me know.  it currently serves up over 300.  Also, make sure you rate it like you would in any app store or catalog.