Live streaming info from IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013

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Each year we add more video content from Lotusphere and IBM Connect and this year is no different.  We are stepping it up once again as Spiked Studio / IdoNotes will be doing short live broadcasts including the OGS with Carl Tyler on IBM Connect Live for Monday morning.

Using a combination of Google Hangouts the goal is to have some scheduled and some impromptu streams coming to you daily. Here is how you keep up. But I would subscribe on YouTube for sure.
  • IdoNotes Live has been around since 2008 at   From there we broadcast and replay many videos that were recorded before and will have the Google Hangout available live.
  • Circle me on Google Plus to know when we are going live and join in with questions!.
  •  I will schedule some of the hangouts and then it will stream live on the IdoNotes YouTube channel. So you definitely need to subscribe there as well.  Other times we may just go live at a moments notice.

There you have it.  Live broadcasting on the channel from just about anywhere we desire.

P.S. do not forget about the new Notes client widget I made for the Lotusphere Podcasts!!