From The IdoNotes Mailbox - Business Card Photos In The Domino Directory

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We are investigating placing photos of employees in the Domino Directory for use in Sametime business cards and maybe in Lotus Connections later. Is this a good idea and is it easy to do?


Sametime Business Card with photo

ANSWER: Jacob,

First, make sure you clear with everyone whether it is okay to place their photo in the directory. Even though your company might even have name badges with pictures, some people feel it is an invasion of privacy to have their pictures online and stored. Your company should generate a policy around the placement and usage.

Next is the technical step. Lotus does a good job of outlining the instructions to prepare the directory for business card photos in technote #1250874. It was made for Sametime 8.5, but will work for versions before that as well.

Limiting the size of the photos you include will only benefit in performance on directory size, indexing and the speed of pulling the information from the server. There is a balance between tiny and grainy pictures and large ones that must be resized and cached in the client.

Chris Miller