IdoNotes gets a massive facelift

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With the new year I had a ton of things I wanted to start streamlining and combining.  One is the look and feel of my main landing pages and then the blogs.   I spent a bunch of time reworking some new themes into Domino to make what you see today.   Take a look around starting at the main homepage and back into the IdoNotes blog.  I checked everything and I am, having one small issue I hope to have fixed by the time you read this!

Image:IdoNotes gets a massive facelift

Social sharing is enhanced, the look and feel cleaned up for some more future integration and overall it was just simplified.  Many hours of work checking code goes to Kathy Brown.  With myself being the administrator, I can do some scary HTML.  The blog still runs on Domino and should continue to do so.  With over 8 years and thousands of blog postings, I am not in the mood to change it again. Another last minute big thanks to Julian Robichaux for some CSS investigation that solved a nagging problem.

I want to thank Sean Burgess for the great design work that IdoNotes lived on for many years.  Yet he hasn't blogged in years :-)