IBM working on P2P mobile application

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As part of the Innovation Hub, IBM has asked for feedback on a Partner to Partner mobile application to foster communication

In this survey, we are asking you to provide us with early stage feedback on a P2P app IBM is currently developing

At first I thought it was peer to peer before opening and seeing the actual survey.  Then I saw it was Partner to Partner
IBM is currently working on creating a mobile app specifically to enable partner-to-partner collaboration within the IBM partner ecosystem.

The mobile app is intended to allow a partner to either enter a new partnering need or to search and respond to other partners’ partnering needs, specifically in the context of meeting requirements of an existing end client opportunity.

They have some mockup screens hand drawn in the survey. Basically, you pick and industry and keywords and go from there.  If you are a business partner with IBM and want to give some feedback, head over to the survey