IBM SmartCloud launches IBM Docs, Sametime Meetings and more enhancements

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Download the IBM SmartCloud What's New & FAQ for December 2012 by simply sending a tweet

IBM is introducing new capabilities to IBM SmartCloud and adding enhancements to IBM SmartCloud Engage and IBM SmartCloud Notes.  Here is a breakdown including IBM Docs, Sametime Meetings and IBM Connections capabilities. Make sure to get the pdf version of the FAQ and What's New by clicking here to download by sending a tweet back to the blog post!

IBM SmartCloud Docs will be a huge boost to productivity with the co-editing features if users can start working with the online tool instead of locally.
This is a new cloud-based office productivity service providing teams the ability to work on word processing, presentation and spreadsheet documents and offers real-time co-editing support designed to help users quickly edit files and manage file versions within IBM SmartCloud Connections. Users have the ability to upload, create, share, and edit Microsoft Office or IBM Symphony documents.

IBM SmartCloud is then bringing in Sametime Meetings to augment what was Webdialogs. I imagine eventually it will replace the existing system.

IBM's enhanced SmartCloud Meetings service, based on IBM Sametime is designed to provide more symmetry between our on-premises and cloud code bases. In December, the beta that IBM offered to preview this service for SmartCloud Engage and SmartCloud Meetings customers will conclude and customers will have this enhanced functionality – in addition to the current meetings capability you see today.

IBM SmartCloud Engage is getting features we find today in IBM Connections
IBM is enhancing IBM SmartCloud Engage with these capabilities:
  • Blogs: Present your ideas, receive feedback, and capitalize on the opinions and experience of others
  • Wikis: Create and share content together with your teams and professional network
  • Ideation blogs: Allow community members to contribute ideas that can be read, commented on and voted on by the community
  • File viewers: Allow in-context viewing direct from Files without having to download or open a separate application

Finally for you IBM SmartCloud Notes customers, you can expect to see

Targeted for December, the IBM SmartCloud Notes offering is being enhanced to allow for integration of Mobile Device Management (MDM) products with Traveler in SmartCloud for Social Business.

The Terms of Use document is also getting an update. You should read these new terms if you are a customer and all the updates in the PDF