IBM Connections Next launch and news #ls12

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During the keynote today of Lotusphere 2012 there was much talk, and some demo, of the enhancements coming in IBM Connections Next as it is called before moving to Connections 4.  Some key areas were analytics integration, activity streams (which I have an entire post on) and OpenSocial Embedded Apps.

Here are some highlights of the announcements and news links for more.  There was quite a bit of press there as well.  Read on.

From InformationWeek :

- Connections Next will allow users to check their email and calendar without leaving the social environment. This version of Connections, now in beta, provides its own web based clients for calendar and email that work with Notes but will also work with Microsoft Exchange.

- IBM is offering social media analytics from Cognos, which can be applied both internally and externally. The next version of IBM Connections will include integrated analytics for providing metrics on the performance of the social network itself, such as user engagement.

From ZDNet :
In a nutshell, IBM is betting its social analytics tools will aggregate unstructured data and find signals to highlight everything from employee sentiment to market trends via unstructured data, SAP applications and Facebook posts.

OpenSocial is a huge part of the equation and IBM has jumped in feet first.  With the ability to use more widgets and data, coupled with authentication choices, they are hoping to expand the door to more adoption outside the current IBM customer.

Look for an upcoming webcast on OpenSocial from Consultant In Your Pocket.