IBM ConnectED 2015 OGS and week in review video - Lotusphere Podcasts

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A whirlwind IBM ConnectED 2015 tour in under ten minutes. From the Opening General Session and onward. More of a peek instead of a full summary that needs to be written.

  • IBM Verse was everywhere
  • IBM Verse has a freemium model
  • Digital Experience is a new way to work if you know what it is
  • IBM Lotus Domino barely made a dent of a mention in the OGS
  • The OGS went by quick
  • Non-IBM speakers are delivering some high quality sessions (I have only seen two IBM sessions)
  • The welcome party was not as it was
  • The vendor floor was not as it was
  • IBM Verse was everywhere again

See the video for more. Also catch up on the live blogging replay of the OGS on LotusphereLive from Carl and myself.

As for the week itself..
- a look at the annual backpack
- the Lotusphere cookie and #pretzelcookiegate
- IBM Verse again
- IBM Connections 5 sneak peek
- the vendor floor changes
- and tons more

The IBM Connect / Lotusphere sessions database is already filling with content. Make sure you visit that regularly as content gets added

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