IBM Connect 2014 says goodbye to the outdoor Sunday night reception

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We have seen the decline of the Sunday night reception at Lotusphere and IBM Connect over the years. From long lines that made you wait 45 minutes and huge tents, to no tents at all, removing the TVs showing football games on the beach and adding girls floating in bubbles on the water (don't ask). The current site is showing that the entire Sunday evening will be in the vendor floor.

I predicted it was coming with the blog post  for the 2013 event - IBM changes Sunday night reception and more at IBM Connect.  While the Sunday night event started in the sponsor showcase it then moved outside.

This year it seems we will not see the outdoor event at all.  According to the IBM Connect 2014 conference site the following has been posted:
Image:IBM Connect 2014 says goodbye to the outdoor Sunday night reception
For those of you new to IBM Connect and Lotusphere, find one of the long time attendees.  Ask about Sunday night and watch the grin come to their faces.

What is your best Sunday night reception memory? Leave it in the comments below.

as of half hour after this posting. I am being told the official website may be incorrect (with two weeks to go) and they are triple confirming that there is some outdoor time.

NOTE 2 as of 45 min later I am now told the solutions floor is 6:30-8pm and the outdoor party is now 7:30-9:30pm.  So still a reduction in time form years past but it will be there.