IBM changes Sunday night reception and more at IBM Connect (Lotusphere) 2013

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IBM has made some changes to the week for IBM Connect (Lotusphere) 2013 that I caught in a small release that passed by my desk.
We are expanding our Sunday Night Welcome Reception to start exclusively in
the Solutions Showcase.

The first time I read this I though it implied that the Sunday night reception was only in the Solutions Showcase. In recent years we have seen the decline of the Sunday night party with the removal of the tents, seemingly less food lines and strange themes. This will be an interesting change as the Solutions Showcase downstairs in the Dolphin has never been open on a Sunday as far as I can recall. This pushes the vendors to be setup and ready Sunday night instead of Monday morning.

There are even more changes....

Side note that was brought up. If you buy a Sunday night badge for the party only will this allow you into the vendor floor that night?

Another change read as follows:
On Wednesday, we are adding a closing reception for the last hour of the Showcase

In previous years you would see the vendors breaking down their stands hours before the end of the showcase in preparation.  This new change is important to those trying to get that minute swag the vendors do not want to take home. So maybe more free drinks before you head to the park for more free food and drinks. I wonder how this will affect those end of the day BOF sessions on Wednesday. I can see many attending the reception and skipping BOFs in favor of waiting for the party that night.

I was almost finished and caught this last part:
The Showcase hours have been shortened to concentrate visitor traffic and to make sure your staff has time to take in all that IBM Connect and Lotusphere has to offer, and best of all – we have offered Sponsors more session content within the conference agenda.

This means you will see more sponsored sessions in the normal daily agenda and less time to get to the vendor floor. Plan accordingly!

What does everyone think?