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IBM Connect slides database
Now that speakers at IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013 are publishing slides, being able to find them all is difficult. Slideshare has taken away much of it's social ability and searches suck.  I have an entire post coming on TheSocialNetworker about these changes.

So using the awesome list started by Tom Duff on List,ly and reading PlanetLotus I had an idea last night.  I quickly made a database from the Dominoblog template and started placing the slides from Slideshare in making the author of  each post the content owner.  Searching works great and I will have better sorting links shortly. There is no order except how they come in and comments are disabled to make you go to the owners slides to comment.

If you have slides that are embeddable and want them in the IBM Connect 2013 slides database, leave a comment with the link and I will add them in!