From the Inbox: Number of Lotus Traveler HTTP Threads

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Q: Chris,
Here is the issue we are facing.  We deployed Traveler and it grew quickly. We now see delays and even hangs in HTTP.  IBM has said to adjust the HTTP threads and send a ton of links and info.  Is there an easy way to figure out the best number?

A: That is a great question and there are a ton of documents and best practices out there.  I think the one that simplifies it can be found right here in the Domino wiki.  The simple math would say to multiple the number 1.2 x the number of registered devices.  This then gives the needed active HTTP threads.

The Lotus Traveler defaults to 100 threads on 32-bit Domino and 400 threads on 64-bit Domino.  That could be quite low for many deployments.

To get the number of devices check for the stat Push.Devices.Total which will give the number registered when you use the tell traveler stat show command on the Domino server console.

That is a great starting point for you.