From the Inbox: I think DAOS is screwed up

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Q: Chris,
I have been digging through tons of online articles, presentations and forums and we are just having a hard time getting DAOS back to working order.  I think we made some mistakes moving things around, some pruning commands and possibly missing some files. Is it better to start over?

A, Wow, that is a huge undertaking depending on the size of your DAOS which you did not include. The first thing I would worry about is if you lost any attachments.  You easily could have orphaned email pointers to attachments that no longer exist.. Run the following command on the server and sit back and wait for the results before moving on

Tell DAOSMgr ListNLO
Lists DAOS objects (.NLO files) in the DAOS storage repository, allowing an administrator to identify documents whose objects may be missing after an event such as a server restore or the deletion of a database file through the operating system. You can restore the missing objects from backup sources. Files are missing when they are still referenced by documents in at least one database, but are no longer present in the repository.

You can enter -o to specify the name of an output file, the keyword ALL or MISSING to list all or just missing files, and the name of a database whose objects to list. For example:

tell daosmgr listnlo -o mymailobjects.txt MISSING mymail.nsf

I would recommend using the output file for easy reading.  This will be a key indicator. If you are not missing any, or very few you can live without you could start over. But that means moving everything back out of DAOS and into the databases. Disk space is a concern right away.

I would suggest running the above, then following up with a quick check of the last synchronization of the databases via Tell DAOSMgr Databases and see that report from that.  Once we get that far we can get into forcing a resync and other choices.  Give me an update and let;s go through the results.