From the Inbox: File Does Not Exist (CalendarProfile)

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Q: Chris,
We have some users that receive the error File Does Not Exist (CalendarProfile) when they start working in the morning. Have you seen this error before? Is there something in policies or a fixpack we need to deploy?

A: The first place to look for more information on this error is the local Notes client console.log file. You should also see an entry that looks like the following:

Temporary .DTF file not found and may have been deleted."

If you do, then that file was removed while the client was running.  Often this is due to local anti-virus software. If you do not exclude certian file type or Lotus directories this can happen.  You have a couple choices:
  • restart the Notes client which will solve it this time but it may come back
  • exclude these file types from the anti-virus software
  • Move the Notes temporary files to another directory using some ini variables
All of those can have the same helpful effect but the last two are permanent.