From the IdoNotes Mailbox: Large File Uploads in Quickr

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We have been having issues with our new Quickr environment when trying to upload big presentation files. I have looked at the settings and cannot figure out why large files fail to upload. Any suggestions where to look for how we messed up?

(name withheld)

ANSWER: You ask a great question that many people face with the growing deployment of Lotus Quickr on Domino! Quickr has a few places to investigate when trying upload large files. The first place to begin is the notes.ini file. A strange place to start, I know. You need to establish whether two variables are present and set correctly. Also, make sure they do not exist higher in the notes.ini with lower values.

The two variables:

 ·        QuickPlaceLargeFileRequestOnFile=1

·QuickPlaceLargeRequestDirectory=[exactly where you want the working directory]

The second variable must be writable and accessible all the time for this to work. Usually, picking a large temp area outside of where you might place transaction logs and the operating system is a good choice.

Next, you must set the maximum attachment size in both Quickr and Domino. If one is lower than the other, the lower one is obeyed. Quickr is in the Site Administration → Other Options via the Web interface. Domino is in the server document on the Internet Protocols-HTTP tab. The Maximum Size of Requested Content must be established to meet your needs. One last location is the Maximum Post data size limit on the Domino Web Engine tab.

I would suggest making all of these the same size limits to ease administration and troubleshooting at later times.

Chris Miller

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