Energizer LED Pop Up 360 Area Lantern with Light Fusion Technology review

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The Energizer LED Pop Up 360 Area Lantern with Light Fusion Technology was bright with 150 lumens and was a very weak area light when on the lowest dimmable lamp setting. In mixed usage I got under 100 hours on a single set of 4 AA batteries.

With the rubber case it is supposedly water resistant. I was a bit wary to test that but I can see where they put the rubber seal around the bottom near the batteries for added protection. With the rest being plastic, there is not much to damage. The rubber strap allows you to hang the lantern or wrap it around the lantern for storage.

The downsides to the Energizer LED Pop Up 360 Area Lantern were the un-packaging as I show in the video. You will want this ready for usage when you go to use it the first time, mainly in an emergency. Others have pointed out and I show in the video, you will have to reset the lantern from Test Me mode before the first usage. That fact is very well hidden in small text on the inside of the instruction guide.

One thing I noticed was the ability to close the device totally and have it still lit. There was no safety to make sure an accidentally bump could turn it on. This would prove to be an issue if it came on during transport or storage and left you without usage when you really needed it. I would have hoped for a safety lock/switch when it was closed to prevent that from happening.

Overall a great value and needed on camping trips for strong and long lasting light via LED technology. For the price I would suggest this to most campers and definitely for those wanting a small deck light that uses power well.

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