Create a self-signed SHA-2 certificate in IBM Domino

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It is possible to create a self-signed SHA-2 Internet certificate in IBM Domino.  I am going to say it is worth it just to purchase one. But for a quick test server you may have to go through creating your own.
Image:Create a self-signed SHA-2 certificate in IBM Domino

The short summary is:

  • In the Domino Admin client go to Configuration > Registration > Internet Certifier
  • Select the choice in the above image
  • Fill in the required fields from the pop-up
  • Choose the server for your CA to reside
  • Choose the encryption and required RA persons
  • ****Make sure to go the the Misc tab and change to RSA SHA265 and key strength 4096***
  • Click OK and look for a succeed message

From here follow the normal steps for the CA task and Certificate Request database. Then place the new SSL cert information on the server and give it a HTTP restart! Keep in mind this should be only for testing or internal work and not external facing servers if possible. Use a trusted authority for that.

The long list of steps can be found right here in IBM technote 1972274