Blog offers 15GB free cloud storage to new accounts - link inside

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I have been using as an alternative to Dropbox for splitting work and personal storage. Right now is offering 15GB free cloud storage for new accounts.

The performance of the service on has been great. Upload speeds have been quick and folder management easy.  I am waiting on their mobile apps to be released to make it even better.  All the sites offer different upgrades and enhancements like password protection of files, expiring shared links, and more.

So why do I use multiple sites like, Dropbox, and more?
  • Well free storage is one with the amount of data everyone now has
  • Separation of personal and business data is another.  I know that any folder I share on one service would never contain the other information. Call it a simple obscurity step to also reduce making mistakes. Like family photos, vacations and stuff like that would then not appear on the business one

So how do I easily manage it? Simple. I have two folders inside the syn folder.  One is set for business and one for personal.  I then have subfolders as needed under them and then they automatically get synchronized with and Dropbox.

So go get 15GB free on while they still offer it for new accounts

Disclosure: That is simple a referrer tracking link so I might get some extra free space by helping share the 15 GB free on