ChargeKey key sized charge cable review - CES 2014

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A tiny envelope from Nomad, the makers of ChargeKey and ChargeCard, arrived soon after CES 2014. What I found was a key sized yet flexible charger cable.
ChargeKey by Nomad               ChargeKey bent 

This tiny device comes in two models.  One fits standard micro USB devices and the other fits iPhone devices (ordered separately). Originally funded through Indiegogo, they have expanded quick.  At 2.5mm thick you barely notice it is there.

The cable itself plugged easily into the phone and USB port for power or synching. It was flexible enough to bend or hang without breaking.  The bonus is the size of the actual cable.  It fits the same sizing on your keyring as a standard key. So imagine always having a cable close by that you can use. Then the realization of how simple and effective it is to have hits you.

I have added it to my bag to lighten my load of carrying around multiple cables.  I now carry one longer one (to use the device when plugged in to a wall) and this short one for portable USB sticks and such (see the bottom of this review for my favorite).

You can get a ChargeKey at the Nomad website or the ChargeCard and some other of their devices on Amazon.