Blackberry App World 2.0 released

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I was lucky enough to be on the beta for this and now it is released to the public.  You can head to this link via your Blackberry browser to get the recent update (version as of this posting) and load it up.

  • Scanning a barcode
  • Top 25 apps
  • More categories added
  • More billing options (PayPal, credit card and carrier billing)
  • and more..

Image:Blackberry App World 2.0 released

There is also numerous enhancements that allow it to be Enterprise Distributed and controlled.  Billing controls and more are included.

My Review
While it loads a bit faster and seems to be more streamlined, they need more apps!  Ones that matter.  I have said it before that Blackberry had the chance to take over the enterprise devices with applications but came to the party late and without much fanfare.  I still love it as my go to enterprise device for so many reasons. But the amount of apps and easy of integration with Appworld could be much stronger.