Are You Ready For Sametime 8.5

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Just weeks ago Lotus was happy to announce the release of Sametime 8.5 to anyone and everyone. If you are looking to upgrade or implement Sametime 8.5, you should be aware of necessary changes to your architecture and server environment. I would need pages to inform you fully, so I'll give an overview of the most important portions you should be aware of.

The first thing to remember is that the core presence and chat services as we know them will still run on Domino and operate as before. You can even run meetings the exact way you do now, just under the name Sametime Classic. You maintain the same functions, with little change.

The big change is in the meeting services, which will require an increase in the number of servers you need to support the new features. The meeting server will include:

·        WebSphere Application Server

·        DB2

·        A LDAP server (which might exist in your environment now)

Then there are optional components you may want to run that require more hardware, including:

·        Media Server, for audio and video services

·        Proxy Server, for a new web chat client

Even more hardware that runs WebSphere and DB2 will be needed.

In essence, this does not include clustering, scaling or anything else for you to take advantage of the new Sametime 8.5 services. I suggest informing yourself on deployment, architecture and capacity planning as you plan the migration. Use online resources, or speak with someone knowledgeable and involved in Sametime 8.5.