Announcements on IBM Domino and Notes 10 and Beyond for numerous products

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IBM has partnered with HCL Technologies to invest in a long-term roadmap for the IBM Domino product line and family. This means updates for Domino, Notes, Sametime, Verse, and more

.To show IBM’s level of commitment to stakeholders, the company is entering into a strategic partnership with HCL Technologies to begin delivering on the roadmap with the intent to release version 10 of the Domino portfolio next year. The goal of the partnership is to drive future development of the Domino product family, energize the offering, and protect clients’ investments.

This means to customers that the original  fixpack featurepack and support only announcements are totally gone. IBM had previously promised small enhancements and bug fixes through more consistent featurepacks. They were staying away from delivering an entirely new version number for many reasons. One was speed of delivery, legal naming and all that stuff we geeks just say give us a 10.  With this move and the below #domino2025 jam announcement, IBM has fully committed to enhancing the entire product family.

John Head put up the entire list of products (such as IBM Sametime, IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook) being updated in this announcements on his blog posting. The list is extensive and IBM really needed a strategic partner to do development to make it happen. This is where HCL Technologies steps in.  .HCL already has the same arrangement for the  Rational product with IBM.  That means that we will not see a delay as they work out a lot of particulars about the partnership.  HCL go code, IBM go sell and product manage.  IBM will still continue to manage the IBM Cloud side of the house.

IBM also announced the #domino2025 Jam which will have both in person and online feedback possibilities for customers and partners to give direct feedback. They have not listed when and where these events take place, but the RSVP is open for you you stay up to date. I am eager to see how many people provide constructive feedback and not consistently old requests that we never saw come to light.
As a component of the partnership, IBM and HCL are unveiling the Domino 2025 Jam to gather feedback and suggestions that will shape the future of this portfolio. Activities such as interactive face-to-face workshops in select cities worldwide, virtual events that drive broad participation, and user group events and “pop-up” meetings on-demand will be part of the Domino 2025 program.

So where does that leave the customers bouncing around what to do? IBM has very under-utilized partnerships with Box and Cisco at existing customer locations. Customers and partners have been wondering what the future holds for their Domino/Sametime/Connections infrastructure as IBM pushed more users to the cloud and as their own companies said find us solutions.  IBM will hopefully (I am scared to use the word need) also have a massive push in marketing around this outside of the existing customer base.

We have heard the Domino is dead mantra for almost a decade. IBM always seemed to push ahead.  Die hard customers and partners have shown dedication over the years.  IBM has recognized this and said we will not only extend support, but heck even update the products again.  IBM Domino 10 hopefully comes out so bright and shiny that it takes many customers by storm asking why they even considered looking at alternatives.  A great cohesive strategy around the entire product line will seal the deal.

Join the #domino2025 jam. Provide some valuable feedback. Get on the beta when it comes out for any of the products you use or want to revisit. Let;s see the IBM investment in the ICS suite launches as brillianlty as many of us hope.