IdoNotes Episode 72 - EXCLUSIVE Gist launch from Lotusphere #ls10

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I sit with T.A. McCann, the CEO of Gist, about the Lotusphere announcement integrating Gist as a plug-in with Lotus Notes.  We cover what it offers, how it integrates, futures and more. If you are serious about using the technology, they are looking for your input on the beta and have extended a special offer to get in faster.  Become an early adopter!  If you want some good background, see my previous screencast from TheSocialNetworker first.

For my listeners, we have some special links ready to go.

  • First, sign up now and get a free account quick with that link.
  • Then head over here to get on the short list to get in on the Lotus Notes beta.  If you aren't serious about providing feedback and exploring the functionality, please leave the spot for someone else!

I would listen in and get excited about a way to manage your connections and see more information about how you connect as Notes integration blends as much as you wish with the public streams of social networking.

Image:IdoNotes Episode 72 - EXCLUSIVE Gist launch from Lotusphere #ls10

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