Book Review: Collaboration for Dummies - free eBook from IBM

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This book was actually commissioned by IBM to be written.  Hurwitz & Associates do not mention any specific products in the book itself, just provide the basics needed for individuals and companies to understand collaboration.  IBM did provide the subject matter experts to assist and the book itself is only 64 pages long.

It seems you must be an IBM partner to download the book, yet in the questionnaire they ask if you are a business partner.  Wait, it redirects you to outside the IBM domain for the book itself.  IBM is just capturing your information.  After a Google search, the book itself is ready for download on a non-IBM site (Wiley) where it officially sits using Adobe Digital Editions.  The install for Digital Editions took all of 20 seconds, a couple buttons to agree and then a required log in for Adobe or ignore it and don't sync this issue again.  Basically a few minutes of fun.

Some of our IBM Lotus family are listed as contributors like Ed Brill, David Hsu, Don Neely, Brendan Crotty and more.  There are six chapters from 'Rethinking Business  Collaboration" all the way to the ending 'Ready, Set, Go!'  The book follows the standard icons and flow of the other Dummies books and makes for an easy read.  Chapter 2 digs into the meat of why you are reading the book and handles Collaboration 101, as one section is titled.  The section on making the game plan around collaboration asks many of the basic questions that most mid-level managers that are finally exploring this area need to ask and doesn't go way over their head.

Overall, this book hits right where it was designed and keeps it short enough not to lose attention.  It does not dig deep into what is the best product, nor does it answer questions it asks directly.  Instead, it forces the reader to make assumptions and decisions to get the movement of collaboration in their own environment and encourages checking out all the possibilities before choosing what platform you wish to build on.