Milestone 3 client upgrade and Ed’s blog.

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The heist of Ed's blog went well.  We managed to get probation after being caught.  As long as we promise not to do it again, LOL.  We promise my preciouusssssssssss.  I did see Ed is back and alive and made a half sleepy post.

The client upgrades to 6.5 Milestone 3 went quite well.  No annoying JS32.dll errors or anything of the sort.  Due to time constraints I had to wait until today for the server upgrade.  Which gives me a topic for tomorrow of course.  I see they took the release notes for Milestone 3 down from the website though.  They are truly pushing for September release it seems and I am getting the feeling the general public will not see another beta before gold.

They did fix one thing in the Sametime integration on the client, the buddy list now only shows on-line users instead of anyone.  That was quite annoying if you had a huge list.  Lotus upgraded the Lotus Web Access Demo with some of the new features (formerly iNotes as we learned to love it as).  You can find that here.

I am reading the M3 release notes to see what other tidbits I can toss out with a clear conscious.