Customizing Sametime 7.5 so far and a small rant

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I went ahead and loaded the SDK and Eclipse dev platform to see how hard some plug-in manipulation would be for the average non-developer user.  Let's say it is not pretty.  While I was able to follow the steps in the pdf file to get it started fairly well, from there it gets blurry.  I will update more on that part later.  Now..

So I went into simpler items such as adding community icons to my client and trying to replace the darned greyman group.  If you have not seen it yet, when a users does not have a picture available, it shows a nice grey head of a person as a placeholder.  I was able to track down that .png image in the .jar files and replaced it with a company logo.  Turned out quite nice actually

The specs:

  • Image_Placeholder better known as Greyman Group is 37x37 pixels
  • Community icons are 16x16 and only affect the community icon at the top of the buddylist window, not anyone associated with it.

Here are some new icons I added for the communities for more color selection.  Orange, "Yellow is the new black" and green.

Go away, nothing to see here, it has been fixed, see newer posting above this one.....
< rant >The community icon should apply to each person you add in my eyes.  That really bites as it would be nice (like other clients, *cough* Trillian) to tell which community a person came from.  Then you can cross match groups by task, team or whatever and see where they are linked to.< / rant >