Lotus Connections invites started hitting mailboxes today for Greenhouse for more select customers and partners

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****Just to clarify, this is a separate instance and install of Lotus Connections from paxos that got announced for BP's yesterday.

This site allowed self nomination some time ago and apparently has had people in it for a while.  Growing slowly, just like a greenhouse would grow plants.

First impressions are that this could be a very cool way for partners customers to start communicating from all over the globe.  The site is a bit bogged down, I imagine over the demand of everyone logging in.

Do not panic if you cannot edit or update your profile yet.  Read the fine print.  It can take up to 24 hours to get your profile built into the system.  While you can log in, you just can't update it yet.

The intro screen is cool with hints of Quickr to come.  I would love to see Sametime tossed in there for presence.  This does add a minor change to my Activities plug-in in the Notes client.  I had it pointed to the wrong  IBM server it seems.  Not Greenhouse.

As I just around Greenhouse some, you will see there is a heavy European presence that has been in there for weeks creating communities, Activities and profiles.  So don't be surprised to see almost 900 bookmarks already in play.