Live blogging the Unified Communications keynote

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Who knew this was the answer to this trivia picture?
Sametime Bus trivia

  • Akiba and Bruce took the stage to start the path of what the future strategy of UC2 is.
  • Sametime customers grew of 30% with 1/3 being Exchange shops
  • New partners were added, with new ones.  Ericsson being first with their voice platform being integrated.  NEC is the second with their IP telephony server Univerge.
  • CIsco has signed to sell Sametime as part of their Unified Communications package.  Nortel will also sell as part of their unified solution.

    On to demos with Jeremy and Konrad.  Using Radvision, quick text and live text they did demos on stage.  They then showed buddy map that grabs contact location and mashes a Google Map.  I wonder if Lotus saw RadiusIM before?  Some more plug-ins that no one has and it was a great show.

    A customer case video from Bank of New York Mellon and also Colgate-Palmolive.  It looked a little like Mitch in that video, hmmm.  A nice change where after the videos, the actual video people came onto the stage to talk and be interviewed by Bruce.
    Mitch had the quote of the day:
    Sametime is like crack, you give it to people and they just want more

    Ok, people are getting restless to get more product demos and announcements.  On stage is good but analyst is talking long.

    Ok, new stuff!!!
    • Sametime Advanced (we knew) is due in the first half of this year
    • Konrad is up on stage again.  Persistent chat was first.  There is screenshots inside, files dropped and rich text.  All this is stored in a database on the backend.
    • Broadcast Communities are communities users are interested in that will send alerts.  Hmm, cool if it worked with Communities in Connections.  Too many things with the same name that don't connect yet.
    • Instant share was very cool, no more launching meetings
    • Instant polls for voting

    Unified Telephony is about simplifying communication being delivered in second half of 2008
    • Being on the phone is now a status.
    • You can now set rules for call routing.
    • Rules will follow not only status but who is calling.  Sounds like GrandCentral to me too.  Nice.

    Now we look at what's coming beyond the above 2
    • A whole new call manager showing who is in, when they came in, are chats going on.  The ability to mute lines
    • Konrad in the IBM Metaverse (Second Life idea).  He steps up to a presentation board in a virtual room and it loads his slides.  He then takes over the room audio

    The scary part was the closing that showed our Sametime video over and over like 3 times.  Video coming, I taped it.  Ha