Remocam Smart Home Security Camera review

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Remocam has become a winner to us in home security cameras after our tests. I walk you through the unpacking, ease of setup, app functions and all the features Remocam offers. One of the immediate things you nice about the Remocam is the sleek look. With the pan and tilt, night vision, audio listen/talk and alerts I hoped it would be easy to use and I was not disappointed.
Remocam Smart Home Security Camera
The Remocam Smart Home Security Camera  setup is so simple as I show in the video. Unlike others (where you connect to the camera with bluetooth or wifi, enter wifi info, let it connect to the wife then you reconnect and use the app) the Remocam simply reads a QR code, grabs all the wifi configuration and other data and the app sees it.  This all happened within a minute in our tests and we show it in the review video.

Remocam allows you to store video and pictures locally on a local micro SD (32GB max) card or the cloud.  Every Remocam comes with 30 days free of their 'Jog" level plan. This includes 3 days storage/3GB storage at $3.99/month US or annually $39.00.  You can upgrade the cloud storage plans to 'Sprint' for a week storage or 30GB at $7.99 or a whole month of unlimited storage under "Marathon" for $27.99.  Videos are deleted based on the timeframe. You could technically fill your storage before the time frame window and max out. So you have to balance it.  Each camera requires it's own plan. I wish they had some form of shared plan. I may have one camera that does not ever trigger or need cloud. Just in emergencies.

Remocam allows you to not only store the video, but also capture still images using the camera icon on the front of the application. You can use the pan and tilt with simple arrows or do a pinch and zoom as needed. These are also stored on the SD card or in the cloud based on your settings. I wondered about their storage and communication and found they use 256 bit encryption to take care of that.

The camera has great HD quality. The audio worked well both ways (speak and listen) and the ability to trigger an alarm sound from the camera is fantastic. The night vision worked great and turns on automatically. One other thing to note on the screen (image below) was a call function. This allows you to store some contacts and make a call while viewing the camera. The pan and tilt was easy to work with as long as the wifi signal to the camera was strong. We had some issues with placement that lagged but moving the camera a few feet fixed that problem.

Remocam app
Now we tested the motion trigger in Remocam but you need to play with sensitivity. A lot. It gave off a lot of alerts until I tuned it down.  Even then it would sometimes throw an alert for something far away. I am not sure what the range levels are unfortunately.  The cool part was the in event of a trigger it would keep the 10 seconds before and the 10 seconds after the trigger event for you in a file either in the cloud or the local SD card.  So without the card or cloud you are stuck. I wish they had a small internal flash that would email them out for you over wifi like another camera we reviewed did. Even a still photo. The app does offer push notifications to your device.

Other abilities of   Remocam  include allowing up to 5 viewers per camera. So this can be used by a family or small business easily. The app also has the ability to control other devices in the home. A great extra bonus. You can even store a small list of preconfigured commands inside the app.

You can get your hands on Remocam today from Amazon right here at and their website. See my review video on the Amazon page.

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