Huge discount offered to IBM Connect 2013 by Kenexa code

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Update 11am on 1/10/13: Now people are reporting the code is not working at all

UPDATE 8am on 1/10/13 : It seems the webpage is still there but the code is now missing from the page.

Kenexa has a webpage offering a huge discount (not one I have seen) to IBM Connect / Lotusphere 2013. Only $1495 for the entire conference using code JSHTTA as of right now.  That is $800 off.  Click here for the full website and optional two day pass code.

Now the interesting thing is that I cannot find anywhere in the registration Terms and Conditions restricting you from requesting this discount be applied to your existing registration fees.  Thre seems to only be charges to cancel and transfer registrations as shown below.
Cancellations and transfers
To cancel your registration, IBM Connect 2013 must be notified of the cancellation IN WRITING BY DECEMBER 7, 2012. A $250.00 processing fee will be charged for cancellation requests received by December 7, 2012. AFTER DECEMBER 7, 2012, THE CONFERENCE FEE IS NOT REFUNDABLE IF YOU CANCEL, OR FAIL TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE.

YOU MAY TRANSFER YOUR REGISTRATION AFTER DECEMBER 7, 2012 ONLY. The original registrant must notify IBM Connect 2013 of the substitution/transfer IN WRITING (see options for notifying IBM Connect 2013 above); a $250.00 processing fee will be charged for the transfer.

Your registration must be paid in full by the Early Bird Price (September 4, 2012), Discount Price (December 3, 2012) and Standard Price (January 25, 2013) deadlines in order to receive the pricing for those discounts.

I am sending this to our customers that registered to make sure they inquire about refunding this discount and with the savings hopefully send some more people to attend.

Hat tip to Stuart McIntyre for posting this first. I just wanted to make sure we covered the possibility of refunds.