Day 3 with the Blackberry Storm

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Day 3 started out a bit better.  I could not immediately get the Blackberry version of the Sametime client working, so I went with Sametime Mobile 8.0.1 and that seemed ok.  There are some issues with the keyboard size overtaking the amount of the chat you can see, but it worked overall.  The new OS has made a difference in the touch screen response, to me that is.

I added a couple more minor applications and found how to organize the screen to my like, well some.  Disappointing that there are still not more themes out there.  But they will come in time.  I found a couple.

As for working with the keyboard for mail, well it worked.  Mainly when you trust the pop up choices for guessing words to interact.  It made typing messages quite easy.  You get used to not rolling over keys with the full qwerty keyboards, but it is an effort to make the switch.  Clicking down on the screen is fine, just wondering how long it will last.  The device should come with a screen protector until I learned that even cold fingers will not work right.  So a screen protector might be as bad.

One downside driving me nuts is the ability to turn off the 'ding' for new messages when it is not in a holster.  I like ti to be silent unless a phone call comes in.  Heck, it didn't even come with a holster in the box itself.  For such a premium device I would expect more.

Another bummer is the different pin setup for the mini USB cable.  Now all my other chargers and cables everywhere do not work.  That is pure insanity that a new cable set is needed from the same manufacturer in the mobile space.

lastly a small config issue on my part I am sure.  The camera keeps taking pictures like it should, but they are nowhere to be found on the device or the memory card as I set the preference.  I am investigating further.

Oh, the lack of wifi sucks based on the size of the device.  Imagine apps to connect up and stream content via wifi?  Now that would rock.. But no.