Day 1 and 2 with the Blackberry Storm

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So yesterday upon arriving back from Lotusphere, a shiny device in a box was calling my name to test and see what it can do.  I was weary of it after reading many postings  But after much cajoling from certain admins (*cough* Troy), he did the switch.  Ok, here we go to what happened.

Day 1

  • Upset it had no case that came with it like other ones
  • Didn't like the total weight at first
  • I had played with one sooner so the keyboard was not a huge shocker
  • Limited amount of themes (one isntalled), but I went with the default
  • I was able to easily type, send mail, use the keyboard in landscape or portrait.
  • Great integrations with Flickr, Facebook and many IM clients
  • I am not sure what some of the things do yet, but I am getting there
  • The speaker was cool and videos were nice on the larger screen
  • I didn't like not being able to turn off the dings when it was out of the holster, pet peeve of mine.  Just blink dammit
  • Reception seemed very low
  • But something was amiss

Day 2
  • I loaded OS 4.7 and the interface got smoother
  • Sametime 8.0.1 worked finally
  • Reception got better, much better.  More bars all the time
  • Loading new apps was a breeze, same as yesterday
  • I still am taking pictures and can't find them saved anywhere
  • I started playing with the camera and other apps
  • I still didn't like the weight but you get used to it like anything else