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BP503 What Does it Do to the Network? Answering Question #1 for IBM Sametime 9 Video (2014)

Peter Lurie  January 28 2014 10:15:00 AM
IBM Sametime 9 has made tremendous improvements in audio and video capabilities.  Organizations are piloting and now deploying it with video.  The first question the network engineers asks is "How much bandwidth does it use?"  In this session we'll briefly review the technologies, and then dive into calculating the amount of bandwidth needed for voice and video collaboration with IBM Sametime 9.  We'll work through recommended settings and architectures for QOS, firewall traversal, B2B/B2C and more.  We'll look at sample organizations and determine what needs to be understood, documented, configured and maybe upgraded to make these environments ready to roll out IBM Sametime 9 audio and video.

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