Tea Beyond 24oz Non Drop Infuser Teapot review

We take a look at Tea Beyond Teapot with Infuser in the 24oz size. Tea Beyond makes blooming flower and loose teas that sit nicely inside the all glass tea pot infuser. The flowers come in a variety package as well as the loose teas.  You are able to use the flowers more than once in the Tea Beyond Infuser which is a great selling point, just leave some water in the tea pot and refill.  We enjoyed watching the blooming or even using the loose teas through the clear glass design.
Tea Beyond Teap Pot with Infuser
The only downside of the Tea Beyond pot we had with the actual tea pot was the lid seemed very loose when pouring. We demo this in the video.  Being all glass it did scared us that is would  fall off.  The tea pot itself was very high quality and the handle sturdy and gripped well.

We will definitely be using this all the time.  In the video we actually unpackage the tea pot, teas and show a live bloom of one of the samples they sent along for review.  You can get your hands on it and all their products at or here on Amazon.

As a favor, even if you are not buying, click Yes while there on Amazon to at least let them know the review is helpful. Please see all the product reviews here on IdoNotes and subscribe to the SpikedStudio channel or product review playlist  on YouTube
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    On Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Miss your free exam voucher at IBM ConnectED 2015?

If you were an attendee of IBM ConnectED 2015 then you may recall my blog post about the free exam/test voucher for customers and partners for ICS related products. This kind of fell apart while there.

Due to some communication issues they did not have the vouchers on site at IBM ConnectED. IBM took remediation steps quickly (awesome move and kudos to Kristin) but you had to read a tiny posting on the event page about going to the Expertise Zone.  Most of us saw this when we got back from IBM ConenctED 2015 and went to download session slides and even do session evaluations.

Now since then, it seems IBM offered it (as of Feb 23rd) to anyone that commented on a thread in the IBM Event Connect site.  However, that offer was only good till end of day Feb 24th!!!  One day to comment and no way to know that thread has been posted.
 Diane Morneau  | Feb 23, 2015  
Hi everyone.
We sent confirmation emails last Friday to those who did drop by the Expertise Zone to get a free certification voucher. Thank you for your visit. The tickets were offered as a courtesy to the visitors of the Expertise Zone. We are glad to see that this is appreciated more than branded merchandise items.
Understanding there was some confusion about this opportunity, we are prepared to send a voucher number for an ICS certification exam to the ConnectED 2015 attendees who post a comment in here before the end of Feb 24 and who did not already take advantage of the offer.
Thank you.

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    On Friday, February 27th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Sabre Door or Window Alarm review

We take a look at the Sabre Door or Window Alarm which is a compact, self adhesive and battery powered system with two types of notifications. You can choose chime or alarm mode.

The packaging of the Sabre Door or Window Alarm is the standard hard to open shrink wrap. Once you get past that you find the main unit and side piece that get mounted to anything you want to be notified is opened.  Four watch type batteries are already installed (with a plastic insert to save the batteries until you open it). The main unit has an easy to open cover to access the batteries, the selection switch and the battery test indicator.
Sabre Door or Window Alarm

Keep in mind the Sabre Door or Window Alarm is a 120dB chime/alarm so close up it is quite loud as we show in the video.  The sound activated as soon as we separated the two pieces. It worked quite well so make sure you align them close together when installing.
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    On Friday, February 27th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Managed Replicas and Mail Delivery Time

In a recent SocialBIzUG article I wrote about Managed Replicas and Mail Delivery Time. I had a request to figure out why they had some lag times that were not anticipating
Chris, I saw your video on using Managed replicas for clients.  I currently have Managed replicas set up and 2 server clusters set up. 
What I noticed is since I set this up, the email is taking much longer to be delivered. I am looking at more of a delivery time of 4-5 minutes for messages as opposed to less than 1 minute.  We don't have many users (115) and I have looked at all my settings but have not been able to resolve the issue. I am hoping you might have an idea as to what has caused this issue. 

Take a read at the notes.ini variable and other steps we took over at my monthly newsletter and articles.  Subscribe today if you haven't to both SocialBizUG and my IdoNotes newsletters (on the right sidebar here on my blog)
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    On Wednesday, February 25th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED 2015 Business Partner session replays online

IBM has released audio and presentation files from Business Partner day at IBM ConnectED 2015. They are available via PartnerWorld with login only.
This year at IBM ConnectED 2015, we hosted a track of sessions exclusively for our IBM Business Partners. We shared the vision and strategy for 2015. This track included a special Business Partner kickoff featuring Channelcorp’s Bruce Stuart as the keynote speaker. Bruce provided executive education on how Business Partners can successfully transition their businesses to a recurring revenue model in the cloud.

In addition to the kickoff session, we hosted five additional sessions covering everything from how to make money selling cloud, marketing best practices, incentives and lead passing, as well as two standing room only sessions: BP105: Successfully Selling Against the Competition and BP106: IBM Verse Business Partner Enablement.

You can log in with your IBM PartnerWorld credentials to get the content right here

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    On Monday, February 23rd, 2015   by Chris Miller