SoftLayer launches new pricing and configuration options

IBM is announcing a new pricing model for SoftLayer bare metal and virtual servers and new server configuration options effective 1 July, 2015
New options include:
  • New standard server configurations and included services, with lower starting prices
  • Lower prices for local storage disks for both virtual and bare metal servers
  • Lower prices for RAM for both virtual and bare metal, with bare metal RAM capacities now up to 3TB
  • New outbound, public bandwidth packages at 1TB/month, 5TB/month, 10TB/month and 20TB/month
  • Price differentiations by data center location using a consistent pricing model, with price differentiation down to the server resource level (such as RAM, storage, and public bandwidth)
SoftLayer public bandwidth cost
Start looking for more information on the SoftLayer pages.
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    On Monday, July 20th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2015

IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for July 2015. Here is some of the updates:
IBM Verse for iOS app update

IBM is expecting to provide an updated IBM Verse for iOS application in early July.

Primary targeted new enhancements:

  • iPad, iPhone 6+ tailored experience
  • Chair actions for repeating calendar events
  • Selectively subscribe/unsubscribe, add/rename/delete personal folders
IBM Verse for iOS
Read more about these enhancements right here

See the past cloud enhancements posts on the IdoNotes blog
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    On Tuesday, July 14th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

OLALA G3 10400mAh Power Bank Charger Dual USB Port external battery review

These portable batteries are becoming more common and we got to look at the OLALA G3 10400mAh Power Bank Charger Dual USB Port for review.
 OLALA G3 10400mAh Power Bank Charger Dual USB Port 

What we liked right away about the OLALA G3 10400mAh portable battery charger was the sleek look and finish. The dual ports were labeled well to help you choose which port to use (1mAh and 2.1mAh). The four battery status indicator lights shows percentages of charge remaining and were faintly labeled(25-100% respectively).

We tested it against numerous types of devices and all could charge successfully. For smaller devices more than once charge may be possible. For iPad and larger screen devices you will get one good charge from this 10400mAh model.

The OLALA G3 10400mAh portable battery device comes with a USB to micro USB cable to charge it or use it to charge non iOS devices. We wish the unit has nonstick pads or something on the bottom to help it from sliding around on hard services, but that did not sway us from liking this review.

See the video for more and to see the unit in hand. We like this model!

Get your hands on the OLALA G3 10400mAh portable battery  and see our other portable battery reviews on IdoNotes.

As a favor, even if you are not buying, click Yes while there on Amazon to at least let them know the review is helpful. Please see all the product reviews here on IdoNotes and subscribe to the SpikedStudio channel or product review playlist  on YouTube
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    On Monday, July 13th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Managing Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Records

One of the things a mail administrator must understand is Sender Policy Framework or SPF records in DNS. With the advancement in spam filtering, the ability to verify a server is authorized to send email on a domain's behalf is critical. So I wrote a brief introductory article on SocialBizUG.
SPF allows the owner of an Internet domain to specify which computers are authorized to send mail with sender addresses in that domain, using Domain Name System (DNS) records. Receivers verifying the SPF information in TXT records may reject messages from unauthorized sources before receiving the body of the message. Thus, the principles of operation are similar to those of DNS-based blackhole lists (DNSBL), except that SPF uses the authority delegation scheme of the Domain Name System

SPF works for any mail system so deploying it is a must as some recipients are now requiring entries or they block your email.  Read more in the article right here or leave your questions below.

 I even have some links in the article to let you validate your new or existing SPF records.
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    On Monday, July 13th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Goodbye Notes Browser Plug-in and hello ICAA

IBM has announced that the name of the Notes Browser Plug-in will be changed to IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) starting somewhere in June 2015.
Notes Browser Plug-in

IBM Client Application Access
This lightweight solution helps clients who want to move to a browser-based interface for email (IBM SmartCloud Notes web, or IBM Verse), while continuing to work with existing Notes and Domino applications on-premise. This complete solution helps subscribers work efficiently, benefiting from all the new capabilities of IBM SmartCloud Notes and IBM Verse, with easier access to applications.

You can see how they snuck the name change announcement in right here.
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    On Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015   by Chris Miller