Goodbye Notes Browser Plug-in and hello ICAA

IBM has announced that the name of the Notes Browser Plug-in will be changed to IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) starting somewhere in June 2015.
Notes Browser Plug-in

IBM Client Application Access
This lightweight solution helps clients who want to move to a browser-based interface for email (IBM SmartCloud Notes web, or IBM Verse), while continuing to work with existing Notes and Domino applications on-premise. This complete solution helps subscribers work efficiently, benefiting from all the new capabilities of IBM SmartCloud Notes and IBM Verse, with easier access to applications.

You can see how they snuck the name change announcement in right here.
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    On Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for June 2015

IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for June 2015. Here is some of the updates:
Multi party audio video in meetings
New multi-party video capabilities in meetings is available from either the browser or the Connections meetings mobile application, and supports continuous video presence for a more interactive and social experience.
Video conferencing is available at no additional charge for customers with subscriptions from IBM Connections Cloud S1, S2, and Meetings.

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    On Monday, June 22nd, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Update on IBM Verse and the IBM Messaging Roadmap

Today was the ICS Techtalk with an update on IBM Verse and the IBM Messaging Roadmap. I anticipated some defined timelines for IBM Verse enhancements and what we can expect in Domino Next.
One thing to note about the roadmap slide is the date for IBM Verse on Premises which looks like mid 2016 to 2017 now.  Here is screenshots of some of the other key points. Other IBM Verse updates will be given out one to two quarters ahead of time (per Scott Souder)
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    On Wednesday, June 10th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Sametime Screen Sharing and Google Chrome

The issue of IBM Sametime screen sharing and Google Chrome came up again in a chat and with a customer so I figured I would point everyone to my SocialBizUg recent article:
We used to use Sametime screen sharing successfully with Google Chrome. After recent Chrome updates, this stopped working for our users. Do you know of a fix or what happened?

‎I turned to notes Sametime expert Carl Tyler of Epilio to get some info on the versions and what he had been seeing. He knew right away what the issue was and a fix.

You can read the entire article and the rest of the answer in my monthly newsletter on SocialBizUg.  Make sure to subscribe to Sys Admin Tips.
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    On Monday, June 8th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

VYSK Ep1 Privacy Charging Case for iPhone review

The VYSK Ep1 Privacy Charging Case for iPhone along with it's companion application helps provide security, a sturdy case and extra battery life for those long days.  The case is solid and provides a solid backing for your iPhone. The shutter control slider is tough to move to protects both the front and back camera form any app attempting to use it without your permission. The built in 2200 mAh battery was able to bring our 15% left battery back to 100% but you will not get another charge out of it.
VYSK Ep1 Privacy Charging Case for iPhone

We liked the indicator lights on the back of the VYSK Ep1 Privacy Charging Case for iPhone letting you know how much charge the case battery had left. That was a nice touch. The ports were all accessible on the sides and top. You will need the included headset adapter however since it adds quite a bit of depth to the headset port.

You will need to remove the bottom part of the case, as we show, to charge your iPhone. The case can be charged while on the phone with any micro USB cable (one is included).

The downloadable (and free) application for the VYSK Ep1 Privacy Charging Case for iPhone is great for allowing you to securely store photos in pin protected galleries. You will need friends on the app for the text messaging capabilities. Both of these are a nice touch for further protecting your photos and communications.

See the video of the  VYSK Ep1 Privacy Charging Case for iPhone for a full look at this iPhone case as we take you through unboxing, usage, fit and even more.

As a favor, even if you are not buying, click Yes while there on Amazon to at least let them know the review is helpful. Please see all the product reviews here on IdoNotes and subscribe to the SpikedStudio channel or product review playlist  on YouTube
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    On Thursday, June 4th, 2015   by Chris Miller