What is the IBM Domino Community Server

IBM has recently announced the IBM Domino Community Server edition (package?) to help you test non-production applications without needing a server license
IBM® Domino® Community Server for Non-Production will be a nonwarranted license option that enables your organization to test applications in a non-production environment. This offering will provide students, developers, and vendors with the capability to test their custom IBM Domino applications.

.One of the keywords above is that it is nonwarranted.  I was able to find this pdf file on the IBM site that defines everything you need to know about the IBM International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs. But that really answers nothing   Nonwarranted has a much deeper meaning. In order to get a bug properly noticed by IBM, it would need to be recreated in a production environment. Which makes no sense since the code should be exactly the same.

When installing the IBM Domino Community Server you will be using the Utility server option, This means that there is no user mailboxes allowed on the server.

I look to this as a fast and affordable way for companies, independents and even academics to test writing and working with Domino without much capital costs.

IBM announcement for the IBM Domino Community Server

IBM has also made some waves about Domino futures including IBM Applications on Cloud that I will blog about shortly.
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    On Wednesday, September 20th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

Announcing IBM Bluefizz - goodbye IBM Docs and IBM Connections on Greenhouse

IBM has announced IBM Bluefizz and the sunsetting of IBM Greenhouse entirely.
The Greenhouse team thanks you and all of our loyal users, customers and business partners for making Greenhouse the place for learning about and trying out IBM collaboration products and solutions. On October 15, 2017 we will sunset both IBM Docs and IBM Connections on Greenhouse. We have officially launched the next evolution of Greenhouse, Bluefizz.  We welcome you to start using Bluefizz now to discover the latest social and email products available in the IBM Cloud by visiting

The Greenhouse Team

There is no word on how the catalog will be migrated or even if it will be migrated to a new marketplace.

It was two years ago (almost to the day they are doing the sunset now) that I wrote a blog posting about Greenhouse was being retired. This caused a but of an uproar in the community about needing such a test platform for customers and business partners that had over 140k members of Greenhouse.
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    On Monday, September 11th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

IBM and Salesforce shake hands and offer integrations

IBM and Salesforce have dropped the gloves, shook hands and both offered data and app integrations to further their partnership.
IBM and Salesfoce partnership
In the recent announcements (previously it was just selling their Watson and Einstein products) they are doing deeper app and data intergration offerings.

I think Salesforce got the raw end of the deal only offering IBM Weather data in Lightning apps. Weather data is pretty abundant, but IBM does own the rights to allThe Weather Company since buying them a couple years ago.  I read the press release from Salesforce trying to get a feel for what is different than May (from this blog posting on Salesforce).

IBM on the other hand is expanding Salesforce data in IBM Cloud apps. The IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce offers a ton of potential.  You can use IBM App Connect Lite for free (and even half off a one year subscription).
IBM App Connect for Salesforce
Sign up for IBM App Connect Lite and you can create up to 10 active flows and 1,000 flow runs per month. Upgrade to IBM App Connect Professional and get up to 20,000 actions per month with a total processing duration of 100 hours per month for half the regular price, using promo code APPC17.

I am going to dig deeper into seeing what we can do with this for our use of Salesforce and how IBM App Connect Lite works with moving some data around.
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    On Thursday, August 31st, 2017   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2017

IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for July 2017. Here is some of the updates

Verse for iOS 9.4 performance, scalability, and security enhancements
Verse mobile for iOS just got better with enhancements to performance, scalability, security, and ease of use. This release contains general performance improvements for Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts views.

Connections: Get started fast with guided tours
New guided tours provide first time users and experiences users alike with a quick view of main features and actions on the Home Page, Communities, and Files. If you cancel out of a tour, you need to clear your browser cache of cookies to have them run again. The new tours replace the "Welcome Boxes".
Connections Guided Tours

Connections: More options for designing a Community home page
Now you can design modern Communities with new navigation, new layouts, and defined app styles.
Continue Reading here" IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2017" »
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    On Tuesday, July 18th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Printer review

The Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Printer is a affordable and easy to use wireless printer.  That is after you get it connected to the network in your home.  I walk you through the app setup and some quick features in the review video above.  As someone that does not print often, the times I do want to is when I am mobile.

The printer comes well contained with the power cable and two ink cartridges.  No cable for a direct PC connection is included (for those that want to use the Canon Pixma MG3620  that way.  It is meant to be a total wireless solution for all your devices.  The entire experience is driven by the Canon mobile app found free for both iOS and Android called Selphy.  We will talk about the application more below.

The Printer Controls
Being that the Canon Pixma MG3620 is an under $50 (at time of writing) wireless printer, I did not expect a ton of features and controls on the physical printer itself.  As you can see in the below image you have no LCD screen and a handful of buttons.  Continue Reading here" Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Printer review" »
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    On Tuesday, June 27th, 2017   by Chris Miller