IBM Connections Cloud - Web Mail Cloud Advisory

IBM Connections Cloud has issued an advisory/warning active February 2017 discontinuing iFrame support of Web Mail Cloud. See the below information
...beginning in February 2017 we will no longer support embedding Web Mail Cloud in iFrames on our clients sites. This includes presenting the login, messaging, or other components of the service (such as the address book or calendar) in an iFrame.

If your organization is currently embedding part or all of the way your users access Web Mail Cloud in an iFrame, please begin planning what steps you will need to take to present the service in it's own tab or window

So if you somehow used Web Mail Cloud from the IBM Connections Cloud and embedded the interface into apps or pagesy ou have to revisit that configuration.
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    On Wednesday, January 11th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2017 - my session information

I was excited to see I am speaking at IBM Connect 2017 in San Francisco.  Catch me on Feb 22 at 10am PST on the second floor of Moscone West, room 2020 (this may change as we get closer).
Image:IBM Connect 2017 - my session information
 This content overall will be a new and positive change for the IBM Connect event. Look for a track on your standard ICS technologies, with the added bonus of learning new skills and seeing new ideas to spark some interest in your future plans with IBM.
Deploying Blockchain on IBM Bluemix as a customer
Explore the benefits of IBM Blockchain for decentralized and trusted controls. Decentralized and trusted processing of real-time transactions can speed up your business processes! Learn how to deploy both test and production Blockchain environments on IBM Bluemix. Walk through the business needs for the evolving Blockchain technology from the customer perspective. View validations in progress and the health of your peers in the chaincode>

This is totally out of the normal sphere of content but shows how far and fast we adopt and implement new technologies. I will not look too deep into how Bluemix provisions, but more on Blockchain technology deployment  and where it can take us in the future.
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    On Tuesday, January 10th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

Sengled Pulse JBL speaker LED light review | CES2017

Sengled makes a few LED bulbs with cool features. From CES 2017 we take a look at Pulse that puts together a JBL speaker via Bluetooth inside the LED bulbs. You can have a master and satellites connected for up to 8 bulbs in a full audio experience.
Sengled Pulse LED bulbs
The Sengled Pulse fits into any standard bulb socket, but the shape of the lamp or fixture makes a big difference. They are made perfectly for can type light fixtures. They also work on lamps. However, due to their size and shape they will not fit into every type of ceiling fixture.  We tested in both can lights and stand alone lamps.  Placing the master bulb and satellite at least a meter apart gives the best sound results.
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    On Friday, January 6th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

CES2017 product review teaser video

As I head into CES 2017 I wanted to give you a peek into some of the gear already in hand to be reviewed. Look for review videos on the Spiked Studio YouTube channel and here.

Special thanks to new sponsors this year of ChargeTech, SCOTTeVEST and Ecco shoes.
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    On Thursday, January 5th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

Phonetic Computer Eyewear product review

Digital eye strain has been a concern of mine for years. Blue light streams from the monitors at me for a good six hours or more a day.  Phonetic Computer Eyewear makes a myriad of glasses to help combat it while keeping up with style. I almost put up pictures of me actually in them but selfies are tough.  I have a special coupon code for my readers at the end.
Phonetic Eyewear
I honestly have tried and worn a competitor brand for many years. They were considered gaming and computer glasses and carry a visible yellow tint when looking at them.  They are more function that style for sure. Along came Phonetic who sent me two of their over 65 (my count not theirs) different frames and styles.  Of course each frame also came in colors. First let me talk about what computer eyewear is supposed to do
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    On Monday, December 19th, 2016   by Chris Miller