IBM Announces IBM ConnectED 2016 dates - sometime next year

At the IBM ConnectED 2015 Closing General Session someone from marketing stated that IBM ConnectED would be back for 2016 at some date and location. They would let us know in coming months.

I know this does not define the exact date or location as we are used to hearing, but they have it in their minds. A mental roadmap as it were. I think this year proved the event can survive and provide good technical information. The smaller size did nothing to deter the community beng as close as it always is.

More info when I get it and look for a summary show and blog post coming.
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    On Wednesday, January 28th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED 2015 Live will be launched!

IBM has confirmed (so far) there is no livestream of the IBM Connect 2015 Opening General Session (OGS) so Carl Tyler and myself need to launch IBM ConnectED 2015 Live again.
IBM Connect Live

This is our seventh year of providing you our commentary on everything going on in the OGS along with live pictures as we find them.

You can access the live commentary for 2015 right here and even on your mobile devices
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    On Friday, January 23rd, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Lotusphere bloggers annual photo gallery

Each year since 2005 the Lotusphere (or IBM Connect) bloggers gathered for an end of conference picture.  John Roling (Greyhawk68) has been the curator of this annual photo. Here is the building gallery

Most blogging really kicked off in late 2003/early 2004 with numerous sites like the infamous Turtle that were a foothold in the community before the blogs started.  So as time went by the size of the crowd grew and we even started getting access to the main stage for the final picture.  Who knew last year in 2014 would be the final final big main stage.  2015 will test that theory.

I know there are so many more back stories, bloggers missed or gone and other things (as Turtle points out in the gallery page) but this is a starting point.  I will get the missing years into the gallery, courtesy of John and his hard drives at home.

You can join the IBM ConnectED 2015 group on Flickr right here.

IBM Connect 2014 group on Flickr
IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013 group on Flickr
Lotusphere 2012 group on Flickr
Lotusphere 2011 group on Flickr
Lotusphere 2010 group on Flickr
Lotusphere 2009 group on Flickr
Lotusphere 2008 group on Flickr
Lotusphere 2007 group on Flickr
Lotusphere 2006 group on Flickr
Lotusphere 2005 group on Flickr
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    On Friday, January 23rd, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED 2015 Opening General Session - what to expect

With IBM ConnectED 2015 just days away we are receiving tons of emails with information. This bit was included about the Opening General Session on Monday morning
ConnectED 2015 Opening General Session
IBM ConnectED-A New Way to Engage

Engagement is about people-building relationships and getting work done, simply and intelligently in ways never imagined. Learn how IBM is the only company who can harness the powerful combination of leading enterprise social and digital experience software, analytics and mobile technologies-all delivered on the cloud-to help you get work done, reduce information overload, stress and distraction and be a better more visible teammate. Speakers include IBM leaders Jeff Schick, Gary Dolsen, and their leadership teams demonstrating several of our new technologies like IBM Verse and Digital Experience on Cloud. They will be joined by several clients, speaking to their experience with IBM Verse, IBM Connections and IBM Digital Experience and featured guest speaker Philippe Petit, universal poet laureate of the high wire artist, world renowned for walking the high wire between the rooftops of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.
IBM ConnectED 2015

Personally I hope for lots of LIVE demos of all the technologies. The Opening General Session is 90 minutes long giving plenty of time to cover it all.  The above also hints at customer stories individually or as a panel. We have seen the OGS transform over the years from technically heavy with tons of demos to all marketing for the analysts and press.

With this being promoted as a technical event I hope we see the earlier and skip lots of the marketing.  Anyone else?
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    On Wednesday, January 21st, 2015   by Chris Miller        

The Totally Unofficial Totally Unsupported IBM ConnectED Session Database

Each year wonderful partners, developers and community build an unoffical IBM Connect and Lotusphere sessions database. 2015 is no exception for IBM ConnectED!!
Unofficial IBM ConnectED Session Database

As you can see the data is sorted numerous ways and includes an action to add sessions you want to attend right to your Notes calendar (after you give the proper ECL rights).  You can also update this database via replication thanks to the Turtle Partnership and their pubic server.
Get your hands on the database today right here.
A HUGE amount of thanks to the following people who did the work to get this IBM Notes Database back online for 2015: 

Rob Novak: AJAX Parts 
Karl Henry Martinson: JSON Parts 
Vitor Pereira: Imports, using the above and killer instinct on finding the data 
Giuseppe Grasso: Mobile and XPages 
Andreas Imnitzer: Compatibility and Set-up 2014 
Giulio Campobassi: Mobilite integration 
Gab Davies/Turtle: Thanks for the Server! 

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    On Tuesday, January 20th, 2015   by Chris Miller