IBM Business Partner sessions at Connect 2017

IBM Connect 2017 is a week away and while Business Partner Day is not there anymore, there is an agenda for IBM Business Partners still.
  • The general session for partners is Tuesday. Look for strategy and 2017 plans here
  • IBM Tools and Incentives - on Wednesday you can find out where to look and what incentives are new
  • Plan your 2017 strategy with IBM is also on Wednesday
  • Taking on Microsoft Office 365 with IBM solutions is tapped for Wednesday (against my session I see)
  • Making money in the Cloud is also Wednesday.
  • Enhanced Partnerworld is also on Wednesday
So if you want a non tech track and a lot of BP content then Wednesday is the day.  The IBM Event app has it all and I will have a video coming on that shortly
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    On Wednesday, February 15th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

NuBryte Touchpoint smart panel review

NuBryte Touchpoint is a smart hub/smart touch panel that fits into existing lightswitch boxes.  You control numerous things like lighting, fans, an internal intercom, security and even use Alexa voice commands now. With a sleek design and just large enough touchscreen, the Lucis Technologies NuBryte Touchpoint can fit into any home decor.

While I was immediately curious how this compares to some of our reviews on hubs like Wink (see our review), I wanted to run this review as a new homeowner looking for some modern controls just entering the smarthome foray of products.  Ease of installation, configuration and use were key factors we went after.
NuBryte Touchpoint description

The NuBryte Touchpoint is available for single and double gang lightswitch boxes currently. They are definitely looking at models for larger three and four switch gangs as well.  The wiring on the back is labeled so well and a great instruction booklet comes with the product. Their support is just a call away to help you with any questions on the installation.  It took me about 8-9 minutes to install, which included turning off the power to the switch via the circuit breakers before I started.  Please remember to do that.
Continue Reading here" NuBryte Touchpoint smart panel review" »
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    On Friday, February 3rd, 2017   by Chris Miller        

Reading tiled interfaces - I dislike staggered rows

Recently IBM has been sending more newsletters with a tiled interface. While cool looking with images and bold text, the boxes stagger and make it so hard to read.
Image:Reading tiled interfaces - I dislike staggered rows
In this example the tiled rows all start even at the top. But they allow different sizes so soon there is no semblance. Making sure you read everything turns into a column approach. Now in some cultures that is acceptable. But for most you read left to right, row to row. Not down, scroll up and back down.

You then even end up with huge wasted space at the bottom s one column goes longer than the other.  I will let the above image speak or show for itself.
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    On Thursday, February 2nd, 2017   by Chris Miller        

For those missing Lotusphere or IBM Connect right now, years of pictures

Morning walk view
So many of us are used to heading to Orlando, FL for Lotusphere aka IBM Connect. As that has moved months and cities, here are years of pictures to look back on
Yes there will be the normal new group for 2017 for everyone to join and share photos.
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    On Thursday, January 19th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connections Cloud - Web Mail Cloud Advisory

IBM Connections Cloud has issued an advisory/warning active February 2017 discontinuing iFrame support of Web Mail Cloud. See the below information
...beginning in February 2017 we will no longer support embedding Web Mail Cloud in iFrames on our clients sites. This includes presenting the login, messaging, or other components of the service (such as the address book or calendar) in an iFrame.

If your organization is currently embedding part or all of the way your users access Web Mail Cloud in an iFrame, please begin planning what steps you will need to take to present the service in it's own tab or window

So if you somehow used Web Mail Cloud from the IBM Connections Cloud and embedded the interface into apps or pagesy ou have to revisit that configuration.
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    On Wednesday, January 11th, 2017   by Chris Miller