Announcing IBM Bluemix Local System

IBM has announced IBM Bluemix Local System that allows a company to run an appliance on their premises to cloud enable enterprise apps
Hybrid Cloud with IBM Bluemix
We created a new appliance that allows customers to run cloud-enabled enterprise apps alongside cloud-native apps, all in a single, fully-integrated, on-premises environment that provides the business agility, control and security they need to stay ahead of their competition.

The Bluemix Local System comes fully integrated with IBM PureApplication Software and IBM Bluemix Local, delivering a local private cloud that simplifies, automates and optimizes deployment of application environments, allowing developers to simply focus on building exciting new apps.

This is a piece of a much larger puzzle of making more apps and environments of brining IBM's cloud platform into your own data center.  Of course there are some costs here around PureApplication systems to consider. You can see more in an IBM video here and an upcoming August 10th  webcast. (registration)
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    On Thursday, July 28th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2016

IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for July 2016. Here is some of the updates

Search: Find it faster and see your page history

Search has been streamlined to help you find Connections Cloud content faster and it remembers the pages you visited.

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2016

Copy the format in table cells and lists

Now you can copy the format of table cells and lists and apply that format wherever you need it.

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2016

Expand all and collapse all sections in Activities

Now find content faster. Activities has added two buttons that let you open all sections or collapse all sections.

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2016

SmartCloud Notes Web

Draft email messages automatically saved

SmartCloud Notes web mail messages are automatically saved to the Drafts folder while they are being created. The messages are saved at regular intervals, so that the draft and changes made to them are maintained. This feature also prevents data loss in the event of a power outage or workstation failure.


Mobile SSO Support for ADFS

Updated versions of Connections Chat, Connections Meetings, Connections Social and Verse Mobile apps are targeted for end of July with support for authentication against on-premises instances of Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). 

Please see the following document regarding the specifics of this new support:

Sametime SAML authentication for Microsoft ADFS

Today, Sametime Connect client users enjoy SAML-based authentication with Connections Cloud using Tivoli Federated Identity Manager (TFIM). IBM is pleased to extend SAML-based authentication to work with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services for SSO scenarios. This applies to organizations that use Connections Cloud Chat but authentication and directory services remain on-premises.

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2016

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    On Friday, July 22nd, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM does not take public holidays anymore it seems

A reader caught this and sent it over. IBM has once again not not updated the public holiday documents in IBM Domino. Since IBM uses Domino as the back end (and IBM Verse as the overlay) for email, I would imagine they are facing this same issue. Or have stopped taking public holidays
Hey Chris,

Just wanted to share with you my latest frustration with IBM.

You may or may not be aware, that the "Holidays" import that "Lotus" provided 10 years ago, will end at the end of 2016.

Just to make sure I wasn't missing some critical update that included newer "Holiday" documents, I opened a PMR with IBM.

Their response was, "there is an enhancement request open for this".  Their "work around" for this issue, "you can edit the records yourself, to add the additional dates".

An "enhancement request"?  They can't afford to let a data entry person spend a couple of days creating newly updated "Holiday" documents.  It's not like they are busy putting out new versions of Notes and Domino.  (Since it has been almost 3 years since we had a point release, and that point release was mostly for bug fixes and  XPages stuff.)

You know as well as anyone, how much of a battle this is to keep a positive light on Domino.  Constant bashing about it being a dead platform, and antiquated (which is the most ridiculous argument I've ever had to have)... BUT... when IBM doesn't support the simple things, it just makes me think, "IBM really is trying to kill Domino".

OK... venting completed... I feel better now.

Thanks for reading,

There is an APAR for this found right here, and numerous documents and blog posts to create public holidays. I understand the reader frustration that we know this is happening soon with no updates yet.
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    On Thursday, July 14th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM mail support for MS Outlook (IMSMO) V2.0 announcement - formerly Project Hawthorn

IBM has announced the General Availability of IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO) version 2.0. This means that everyone is now eligible to download and install IMSMO.

Here is the announcement from IBM about the general availability of IMSMO
IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook enables you to connect a Microsoft Outlook client to a Domino V9.0.1 Server. As a Domino V9.0.1 user, you can download IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook at no charge from Passport Advantage

If you are currently part of the Project Hawthorn program,    Continue Reading here" IBM mail support for MS Outlook (IMSMO) V2.0 announcement - formerly Project Hawthorn" »
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    On Tuesday, July 5th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

Under $50 3D VR Headset showdown and reviews

It does not have to be expensive to play with 3D VR games with these under $50 headsets.  We pick a winner of the group and warn you about some others. We took the time to test quite a few VR 3D headsets that are affordable and give you the clear winner.

VR House 3D VR headphones

VR House 3D VR headset
The VR House 3D VR headsets were the clear winner in the under $50 challenge from the ones we were able to test.  Continue Reading here" Under $50 3D VR Headset showdown and reviews" »
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    On Friday, July 1st, 2016   by Chris Miller