IBM Connect 2017 registration is open

IBM Connect 2017 registration has been opened up and this proves to be a whole new conference. The conference also moved to San Francisco and to the end of February (instead of late January).
IBM Connect 2017
Pricing has a slew of rates and levels which adds to the confusion of when and what you should register for.  I say this because I see they are trying to draw some people in for partial time and the EXPO without them having to buy a full conference pass.  There is also a middle level that tosses in the keynotes, Lightning Talks (on the EXPO floor I bet) and more. Then the full badge has pricing set with early bird and one day full passes.  Whew!

Discover Connect is the cheapest at $89, with Experience Connect at $995, One Day passes at $895 and full badges starting at $1695 without alumni discounts.

See the IBM Connect 2017 registration page for more details on packages and to get registered.

A special thing to note is that you must have an IBM Id to even register for the conference.
IBM Connect registration
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IBM Watson gets a ride in GM cars with OnStar Go

GM has pushed the OnStar service ahead with the incorporation of IBM Watson into OnStar Go. GM is calling it the first cognitive mobility platform". A car that starts to think about your surroundings?
Gm Onstar Go with IBM Watson
The idea is that OnStar Go will deliver personalized content and information via the screen above as it learns your behaviors and needs. It also takes into account your surroundings to show you things like gas and even pay from the car.
Combining OnStar’s industry leading vehicle connectivity and data capabilities with IBM Watson APIs will create experiences that allow drivers and passengers to achieve greater levels of efficiency and safety. These experiences could include avoiding traffic when you’re low on fuel, then activating a fuel pump and paying from the dash; ordering a cup of coffee on the go; or getting news and in-vehicle entertainment tailored to your personality and location in real time.

They have a few brands already on board for the launch in 2017 of OnStar Go such as ExxonMobile, Glympse, iHeartRadio and Mastercard.  You can see the IBM press release right here for even more info
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    On Thursday, December 1st, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM launches IBM Connections Cloud Inform (IBM Inform) app

IBM recently launched the IBM Connections Cloud Inform (IBM Inform) app. The app is geared for administrator to show the health of the IBM Connections Cloud.
Image:IBM launches IBM Connections Cloud Inform (IBM Inform) app
The app provides information at the individual service component level (i.e. Verse, Meetings, Traveler, etc.) and will send push notifications from IBM as status changes.

The main screen is the status page with a glaring check mark on green for good and a yellow exclamation on yellow for alert.  In the Status by Service page you can edit to show and notify you on only the services you consume from the IBM Connections Cloud.  Push notifications can be enabled. Also, the settings menu allows you to put the app into sleep mode to mute notifications.

You can get more info here and go to the Play Store and App Store for the downloads
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    On Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016   by Chris Miller        

6 reasons to love IBM Verse from IBM

IBM has released an infographic for 6 reasons to love IBM Verse.
6 reasons to love IBM Verse
See all of the IBM Verse related posts here on IdoNotes
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IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for November 2016

IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for November 2016. Here is some of the updates.

SmartCloud Notes

SmartCloud Notes Administration: Refresh of the pubnames.ntf template
  • We will be refreshing the pubnames.ntf which will include bug fixes for Traveler and IMSMO as well as renew holiday documents that are due to expire in 2016/2017 (technote 1989194).
IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO) - search your entire mailbox
  • IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO) users are able to leverage IBM Verse search to locate messages on the server which are not cached on their workstation.
    Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for November 2016

    IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO) - configure your client in a single click
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