IBM Champion for 2018 - for Cloud

In a change of pace I am once again an IBM Champion for 2018, but this time in Cloud.  Since 2011 I have been an IBM Champion in Collaboration Solutions. Due to my expended role I am working more in Collaboration and Cloud technologies.
IBM Champion

The stats for 2018 IBM Champions were impressive:
From the 1400 nominations, 650 IBM Champions were selected. You can review the full list below. Among those are:
  • 62% renewing; 38% new Champions
  • 38 countries represented
  • 6 business areas, including Analytics (34%), Cloud (25%), Collaboration & Talent Solutions (24%), Power Systems (9%), Storage (1%), IBM Z (7%)
The role as an IBM Champion stays the same, even across the areas. All of the IBM Champions have shared their knowledge freely, participated in community events and expend their own time and resources to do so.

I am happy to be recognized in another category but that will not change the amount of Collaboration Solutions information I push out on my blog and even thinking of firing up some new podcast episodes.  There is definitely webcasts and videos already in the works.
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    On Tuesday, May 1st, 2018   by Chris Miller        

Differences between Standard SSL and EV SSL

We were updating SSL certificates on IBM Domino servers and the question came up about the differences between EV SSL and Standard SSL. Outside of one costing more I was not sure what the added benefits were to using a EV SSL certificate.

The reality is that a Standard SSL Certificate and an EV SSL Certificate offer the same technical level of protection in encryption standards.  The EV (or extended validation) Certificates require a different level of authentication. Not for the user, but for the website itself.
EV SSL Certificate
That lead me to figure out how the end user even knows if the certificate is a Standard SSL or EV SSL Certificate. I had no clue so I cannot imagine how an end user knows.   Continue Reading here" Differences between Standard SSL and EV SSL" »
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    On Wednesday, April 25th, 2018   by Chris Miller        

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud - explained

IBM has deployed an interesting offering with IBM Domino Applications on Cloud that can carry complex tiers, pricing and restrictions. But, also benefits if you have the right needs.

The basis of the offering for IBM Domino Applications on Cloud is a SaaS offering for Domino applications inside of IBM Bluemix. There are quite a few built in capabilities:
  • 25GB database size limit
  • DAOS support
  • Notes, ICAA and web access
  • 3 data center locations (Dallas, Tokyo, Frankfurt)
  • Use your own SSL and Domino certifier
  • Backup and restore

Architecture of IBM Domino Applications on Cloud
IBM Domino Applications on Cloud architectire
Domino Applications on Cloud run in Containers within Docker Pods.  I can have 7 Containers per Pod.
A Pod encapsulates an application container (or, in some cases, multiple containers), storage resources, a unique network IP, and options that govern how the container(s) should run.

Continue Reading here" IBM Domino Applications on Cloud - explained" »
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    On Wednesday, March 14th, 2018   by Chris Miller        

IBM Domino 10 - very early thoughts

IBM made a small wave when they announced IBM Domino 10 and the partnership with HCL for development of the updated platform. A recent webcast with IBM and HCL shows an aggressive 2018 release date. I took notes on some of the highlights from the webcast and some thoughts on where we are headed are all mine.
IBM Domino 2925 webcast

IBM held a series of in person Jams and then a web Jam to build feedback, enthusiasm and see where the needs were.  Many die hard Notes fans flocked to fix things from years ago, while others looked to the future of what we need today.  The combination of the two will lead to a thinner client and more functionality. Integrated with newer technologies.

IBM Domino 10 is still a moving target of features. I am hoping all of the below make it into the very first release and not some point updates later.  They presented three main areas of themes with some great news in each one:
Continue Reading here" IBM Domino 10 - very early thoughts" »
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    On Monday, March 5th, 2018   by Chris Miller        

IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog closing date announced

The IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog has an official end date of December 15, 2017. This means you need to plan now to move your offerings to the Global Solutions Directory.
We want to thank you for allowing us to showcase your business solutions related to the IBM Collaboration Services portfolio!!  It has been our honor to have hosted your entries in our IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog for the past 7 years. We wanted to make you aware that all IBM Business Partner entries in the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog will be archived on December 15, 2017 and to communicate the strategic direction for continuing to showcase your solutions.

To ensure that your solutions continue to be highlighted in the best possible way, our strategic direction forward is to host all entries in the IBM PartnerWorld Global Services Directory (GSD).  This will provide one stop shopping for all of IBM's customers and partners when looking for a solution.  The Global Solutions Directory is the IBM repository of IBM Business Partner offering information.  Business Partners use the directory to manage their solution offering information.  The information that is submitted in the GSD feeds to a host of other web sites

You can see the Global Solutions Catalog right here.  Keep in mind it is massive and includes more than just things like the plug-ins I had inside the Collaboration Solutions Catalog.

There is an alternate place as well to list some solutons, which does drive me a bit crazy. I think one place with well defined filters is the best option so everyone can find you. Instead of us trying to keep up with multiple entries
Alternatively, you can apply to have your solutions highlighted in the IBM PartnerWorld Business Partner Application Showcase and apply for the "Ready for IBM Social Business" designation to differentiate your solution from others.

IBM Business Partner Application Showcase -->

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    On Friday, November 10th, 2017   by Chris Miller