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1380A - A Beard, An App, A Blender: One Developer’s Take on Building Apps with Domino/XPages (2016)

Eric McCormick  February 1 2016 04:45:00 PM
Building applications with Domino/XPages opens a number of doors. Choosing the right path is what becomes hard. This is a session is one developer's take on the way applications can be structured to get the best of the Domino/XPages platform in addition to all the modern, front-end tooling that the rest of the industry is using to great advantage. This session will cover an approach to app dev via application segregation mechanics, providing the data via HttpServlets to provide a RESTful JSON API, a UI-layer that automates the majority of concerns via a JS MV* framework. Front-end tooling via Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower can aid in our development and testing. Additionally, other techniques will be covered.

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