SNTT - all Planetlotus feeds as OPML

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In an effort to provide a service to the Lotus community, I have all the PlanetLotus feeds in OPML format attached to this document above

What does this mean to you?  Well if you want to pre-populate the RSS database in Notes you can.  If you wish to connect to me on Google Reader and share feeds (as I discussed why here), then please do.  It is how I get and share most of my feed info outside of Twitter.

No this is not a dig at PlanetLotus, Yancy did incredible work here, I still pop in.  But I can clear hundreds of feeds a day from all over the web faster with the keyboard in Google Reader (or use Feedly if you like nice UI to Google Reader).

Warren Elsmore brought up a good point, the OPML is small and fast loading, the feeds will take time to populate per your connection/reader.   "not my problem" was my response :-)

UPDATE: Google Reader can auto-translate any feed on the fly so you always see it in English!  That alone is a darn reason people. Just change the feed preference after uploading.

Paul Mooney was kind enough how to pre-populate the (yes sucky but it is there) RSS reader in Notes just recently in his 5 year old blog.

If you need help in learning what OPML is or how to bring it into your readers let me know!