IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for April 2016

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IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for April 2016. Here is some of the updates


Connections: Real-Time alerts focus your attention
  • Stay up to date with things that require your attention and response. The new notification center in the navigation bar increases your awareness less disruptively. See alerts with a single click - no matter where you are in the service. Allows you stay on track or swiftly shift gears depending on what is required at the moment.  This feature will be available on or after March 23
Connections: Easier access to critical companion applications
  • Files - Now you can access your files in Connections Cloud, right from the IBM Notes sidebar.
  • Forums -  Files attached to forum entries are now easily accessed in search results
  • Forums - When someone posts a reply to a forum topic, notifications about that reply are now linked directly to the posted reply.
  • WIKIs: WIKI pages have permanent links - You can rename WIKIs without changing the URL leaving bookmarked links intact.
  • Groups: Add people when creating a group - You can create personal groups and add people while you are creating the group.

Connections Mobile: Collaboration on the go

  • Access Polls and Surveys from your mobile device.
  • Rich Text editing for Blogs and Wikis.
  • @mention people in Forums

Go offline with mail and calendar
  • Now you can get your work done when you're disconnected from the Internet. Set up Verse mail to read and write messages offline and Verse automatically sends your email when you connect to the Internet again. With Verse offline, you'll have the last seven days of messages in all folders, seven days of preceding calendar events, and 30 days of future events. Verse offline must be enabled first by the organization administrator.  The setting to enable offline will be available to the organization administrator on or after March 14, 2016
Quickly create and edit meeting invitations
  • Creating a simple meeting invitation is now quicker than ever. Just click an open slot in the calendar bar to open the quick calendar form. Add a subject, and then add attendee names to see common free time for all. E-meeting links and dial-in numbers are automatically included. Click "More options..." in the lower left to bring up the full invite form.  This feature will be available on or after March 28, 2016
  • When editing a recurring meeting entry the options to change the meeting have been simplified.
Calendar gets a splash of color
  • The Verse calendar style is now consistent with the Verse calendar bar. The style update includes colors, fonts, bold, visual spacing, and other improvements. This feature will be available on or after March 28, 2016.

One-to-one video chat support on desktop clients
  • Connections Chat Cloud users who prefer to use desktop clients (standalone and embedded in Notes) can now enjoy one-to-one video chat. This feature works for SAML and non-SAML authentication scenarios. Users who do not authenticate using SAML must check the "Remember Password" checkbox after authenticating for the feature to work.
  • This feature is also supported on the 64-Bit desktop client for OS X.

New meeting prompts ensure better control of privacy
  • Now when you start or join an audio-video conference with your browser, Connections Meetings Cloud asks for your permission to use your camera and microphone. The prompt provides enhanced privacy for hosts starting or participants joining an audio-video conference. The prompt appears in both standard and large meetings.

Chrome support for meetings (MS Windows OS)
  • Google Chrome now supports screen sharing and audio and video on a Windows desktop (Mac OS to follow soon). Previously, you were able to only attend a meeting and share files with Chrome. A new floating window for video will allow presenters to share their screen without losing view of other video participants.

Meeting Administration:
assign users to meetings A/V policies
  • For organizations that have entitlements to Connections Profiles, administrators can now set meetings A/V policies for specific individuals in their organization without the use of the Integration Server.
Connections Docs

IBM Docs enhancements

Several new enhancements to improve IBM Docs experience - highlights include:

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Add Area Protection to manage specific cell ranges or sheets. Set Read Only or Edit for specific contributors.
  • Enhanced Hyperlink formula to support both URLs and cell ranges in current or another sheet.

  • Added .xlsm file format support

Common to All Editors
  • While editing community files, after selecting File >Copy , a copy will be within the community, not the personal file list.

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