ChargeTech 27000mAh Portable Battery Pack review

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ChargeTech has raised the bar offering a 27000mAh portable battery solution with AC outlet and two USB ports. The unit comes in both black and white offerings.  See my review video on the Amazon page linked below
ChargeTech 27000mAh Portable Battery Pack
Finally a single power solution for long no power outlet days **see video**. I anticipated this arriving and made sure I put it to the test more than once before posting a review. At over 2 pounds it is not made for you pocket. This is definitely something you want to plan on having for portable power.

27000mAh is a huge amount of power to have at your disposal. I was surprised there was only 2 USB ports at 2.4A, but weigh in the fact there is a standard US plug port and it made sense. The top display lights for battery status is the same as any other portable battery with 4 blue indicator lights.

On the side you of the ChargeTech 2700mAh will see the USB ports, a switch and a protected 3 prong plug port. You have to slide the switch over (and there is a red LED when you do) to power the US standard plug. I successfully charged my Macbok Pro for 30 minutes while working (see the video for the image) which also charging two phones.

You definitely eat more battery at a faster rate when using the AC port, but that is expected as it draws more amperage. You need to ration what you charge and for how long. Common sense says I can charge my tablet and smartphones over and over and over and my laptop less than once fully.

Recharging the ChargeTech 2700mAh  itself took hours. Once again as expected. Smaller ones can take a couple hours for the larger size so this took longer for a full recharge. The unit will not activate accidentally if nothing is plugged in. It will just show the charge level inside the ChargeTech and go back off.

I should also mention that the ChargeTech contains and international adapter for plugging in anywhere in the world you are. Make sure to watch the video to see how to enable the AC port when needed.

Overall I want to thank ChargeTech for the 27000mAh portable battery review unit. I put this to the test before making the video and review. It met what they promised (except mine was white which I do not see here on Amazon) and performed at every test we did. I look forward to using this at many geek events coming up.

You can order the ChargeTech 27000mAh right now at Amazon or on the ChargeTech website.  See my review video on the Amazon page.

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