Automatic Diagnostic Collection..and Domino 7

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Now I know my good buddy Susan started to talk about this, and only hinted at what was coming.  But now that we moved everything internally to Domino 7, it made much more sense to consolidate all the collection from both managed and hosted server to a central repository that could start to analyze for us.  Domino 6 did a fine job of collecting the data, and I enjoyed the single place to look for faults.  But the ability to analyze them just makes us all smile more.

Now the catch was that I wanted to use the wildcard document to configure everything, but I do not want the Fault Analyzer task running on all the servers.  So I did have to create a new config doc just for that server, which isn't what I wanted but works.

Size restrictions of the Faults are not a problem across any of the customers, so we are going with Notes to Notes traffic.  No size issues to speak of through router restrictions either.  I will put a snapshot of the config (maybe Visio) shortly