"Leaving" Facebook and how I am doing it

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Without us even talking this weekend, Carl beat me to the posting in how he is handling Facebook activity. I think some of our too reasons are different, but the end result is the same.

With all the different place to update, it could be time consuming.  Many of you that are listed as friends on Facebook notice I have moved to having other feeds update Facebook.  I do get on and still accept friends when requested, but past that there is no value that exists there that I haven't already built on other networks.  The idea of Facebook moves along of developers making applications to keep you in there more without providing business benefit.  Sure, sure, find business contacts and create some groups.  I will make you a list of sites doing it.  Discover old classmates.  Have you been to your high school reunion?  Right.

So please feel free to keep adding me as a friend on there, I will gladly accept.  Many of you find that is the place you want to get all your updates.  I accept that and feed right into it from many sites as you can see.
Image:"Leaving" Facebook and how I am doing it

Then all of the status updates are fed from multiple sources so I can post once , feed all.  Feedburner handles a mega feed from Jaiku that has most all my feeds wrapped into one.  Data ownership plays a huge roll in this and there is some good news coming from that shortly.

Thoughts from anyone?  I am not exiting Facebook, just providing alternate ways that it gets updated.